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People are my jam. So as the last two years doing photography have exploded, I became overwhelmed and burnt out quickly losing my faith/trust in people. Mainly because I didn't understand boundaries or really know how to run a business. My heart became hard and I felt lost and worn.
When we moved to California my largest vow was to not be in that place again. In fact, I was close to just letting the business all go, my prayer was "Lord whatever you want me to do". Since we've been here its been a steady stream of wonderful clients desiring photography and as I set up rules and boundaries for myself it all became so different but my heart was still leary of people. Then I had surgery.
 It was minor procedure to remove a random infected cyst, but they insisted I go under and man was I scared! However, watching people come to my rescue expecting nothing in return floored me. This was just the thing to soften my heart and learn to trust again. Who knew? I don't recommend surgery but know that God can and will use anything to soften our hearts. All he wants is our hearts and he wants them whole and healed.