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This room is wowzers

I was actually thrilled to pieces when the grocery store line was long, just to gaze at this colorful fun room on the cover of Southern Living magazine. All the pattern, color, and mixture of textures, I LOVE it.
Happy Monday!

Favorites Friday: Adapt and overcome

This week held some unforeseen challenges that caught me off guard and clipped my attempts to announce my little surprise here on the blog. Owell. Next week, dear friends! As for the weekend, Gideon's room is getting a little overhaul, remember his swing chair? That sweet little number put a h…

My greatest failure

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Fasten your seat belts because this is a good story! So back when I was in College right after I was accepted into the Nursing program I interviewed for the Resident Assistant position (RA). To my sheer delight I got the position and my people loving self rejoiced! I loved being the go-t…

In my Etsy cart

It's borderline obscene how full my ongoing etsy shopping cart stays, that site just reels me in with all their handmade goodies!
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Steps & tricks {9 months}

Typically parents encourage their little ones to take those first steps, not this mama. His motor skills are still too advanced for me and his babyhood is speeding by like a fast train. Slow down honeybee, really pretty please. He's taking 3 steps and climbs out of his highchair and jumper, ser…

Favorites Friday: A quiet weekend

Who's up for a quiet weekend? Me me! My sister has been attacking spring cleaning with a vengeance here in our house.....garage, goodwill runs, and items pushed to the back of the closet be gone! She's a rockstar I tell you. So we will be basking in the delight of our recent purge, relaxing…

A pretty table

I'm still trying to figure out my Spring table, isn't this one pretty?!
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The {Spring} pants that go with everything

Remember back in the Fall, I blogged about the pants that go with everything? Well, they really did I paired them with almost every shirt in my wardrobe and getting dressed in the morning was a no-brainer. Here's the Spring version!

clothes and bag-jcrew, jewelry-banana republic

Out of whack

So incredibly thankful to be returning to some normalcy today after a seemingly long spring break. Did anybody else run out of ways to keep their kiddos entertained like after the first day?!  Lately I've been a bit swamped with pictures, allergies, and trying to figure out ways to continually k…

Favorites Friday: Spring Cleaning!

Anybody else in love with the wisteria? I LOVE it. I've been stalking the local nurseries for some to plant in our yard, but no luck yet. Besides flower- loving mode (despite new to me allergies) we've embraced Spring cleaning, picked out a shed, editing photos like crazy, and attempting to…

Spring-ifying your home

I"m a little late on the Spring train and have yet to fully switch things over to Spring/Summer! Do you change your home up per season? My Mom is really good at keeping up with that and has inspired me to get going! Here's some ideas:
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image and diy
image and diy
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A wedding, our Easter and the White House Easter egg roll

The last 4-5 days have been a whirlwind, we've traveled from Virginia to upstate NY for my dear cousin's wedding and to visit my Mom. Keeping two very active boys strapped in a car for upwards of 8 hours was an interesting challenge. Let's just say I'm only planning on one more trip…

Happy Easter: He is Risen!

We're spending the rest of Holy week and Easter with my Mom! It couldn't be more perfect timing, our whole family is in desperate need of slowing down and reconnecting.  This Easter has echoed even deeper in the corners of my heart due to my Revelation study, so incredibly thankful for the c…

Getting ready for Easter

Slightly buried under Spring session photos, but I'm still here. I'm getting so excited for Easter, hands down its my favorite. Here are some sweet ideas to celebrate Him!
Easter printables for make your table pretty!

Egg confetti party

And my favorite which we will be doing, resurrection roll…

Sweet Praises giveaway winner plus pretty flowers

This is what I've been doing this weekend, capturing gorgeous little girls under blossoms, hello dream job!  I'm popping in on a Sunday to announce the giveaway winner.....

Congrats Kelly, check your inbox for an email!
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