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Girls trip to Kyoto

March 03, 2018
This was the trip I never knew how much I needed. Kyoto was beyond my expectations and I typically have very high ones. A girls trip with two of the greatest truly was a slice of heaven, a welcomed break from the stress of the everyday grind. I instantly realized how quickly I moved without kids in tow and purposely and intentionally slowed my breath and pace. What a gift, thank you sweet husbands. Wendy and Ko, I'd go anywhere with you ladies.
If you are choosing between all the great cities Japan has to offer, pick Kyoto. Having checked off Tokyo and Sapporo, I can say Kyoto with full confidence, it is truly the heart and soul of Japan. 
The two goals of my itinerary are the ever popular Fushimi Inari (thousand torii gates) and Arashiyama Bamboo grove. Our third day we did the K-Loop Bus tour which dropped us at 17 world heritage sites. Highly highly recommend the K-Loop bus tour, hop on at kyoto station, also super cheap. 1,000yen.


FLY TO OSAKA- take HARUKA express train to KYOTO STATION 3,600 yen

STAY APA HOTELS (ours was ok, recommended for price but stay close to kyoto station.)

GETTING AROUND- K- LOOP BUS 🚌-on and off 1,000yen. All the world heritage sites. Also take the subway trains from Kyoto Station. Buy ICOCA card (IC) load $20 on it and lasted us 3 days. Can be used on public buses too. 

Day 1 Fushimi inari (torii gates) and Gion (geisha district)- {Shirakawa-dori street {“most beautiful St in kyoto”} Kyoto tower- across from Kyoto station 
Day 2 Arashiyama: Bamboo 🌱 forest grove/kimono forest & monkey park
Day 3 K Loop Bus tour bus 🚌 
(1,000-purchase on bus yen only) -world heritage sites. must see: niji castle, 
nishiki market, gold pavilion, Shimogamo Jinja shrine, 
MUST SEE TEMPLE-Kiyomizu dera- on walk up to temple- see Hokanji temple at top of hill and Yasaka koshindo on the right as you walk up. (colored balls of fabric) 

To see the Geisha, we found this spot to be most fruitful, it was a total thrill to see so many!! 
GEISHA- Gion (k loop bus goes here) to see geisha go to: Hanamikoji Dori
Gionmachi Minamigawa, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8340
Eat at GYOZA 8. Spotted 2 geisha on that corner. 
19-2 Yamatochō, Higashiyama-ku, 京都市東山区 Kyōto-fu 605-0802

Skiing in Sapporo

February 16, 2018
If you ask my boys which is their favorite place they've visited, they'd hands down say "Sapporo"! Throwing snowballs every second of the day was their absolute favorite. This was a quick weekend trip specifically just two days of touring with travels days on each end. First day we toured via the "Sapporo walk loop bus" which was an accidental find since all the bus tours were booked for Chinese new year, surprise!! Travel tip: check out public transportation, most have a loop bus that stops at all the tourist spots! Plus its exponentially cheaper, we paid $15 total, total win. Second day we spent skiing at Sapporo Tiene which was a bus ride from our hotel. Try and stay next to Sapporo station, you can get everywhere from that station including a fast train from the airport!