Thursday, December 11, 2014

An advent calendar that goes with my living room

Gideon has been begging for an advent calendar, so last night we scoured the internets and landed on one! My prerequisites: no candy, nativity centered laced with scripture, artsy, goes with my living room. Yeah, kinda crazy list, right?!! I'm certifiable sometimes, but etsy came through as it does always.
Every day you read a scripture verse and the kiddos add a member of the nativity family to the manger, so super cute and meaningful.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall Favorites 2014

Living in SoCal means essentially no Fall. I'm making up for it in the wardrobe department even if I have to wear a coat with shorts. Desperate measures people. So here we go, my favorites:

Pink coat: I need pink to compensate for all the boys in this house, very justifiable.

Nail polish- Those are the colors of Fall I'm head over heels for....especially the oxblood red and deep darker green, I can't stop with these two.

Faux leather skirt- Leather is still going strong and essentially is one of those classic materials that won't ever go out of style. Case in point, the leather jacket.

Jogger pants- This is a trend I can get behind. I'm either chasing kids at the park or stuck behind my computer editing so sporty jogging pants that can be worn with booties, yes please.

Leopard booties-I'm pretty sure they had me in mind when crafting these, done deal.

Green blouse- Again with that green. Can't. Get. Enough. 

Living Proof Shampoo- The scent on this is out of this world. Ever since I had Boaz, I was gifted with a spidey sense of smell (weirdest thing ever) - a mixed blessing indeed. But for real this scent is unreal and its doing miracles for my thin hair.

Monday, October 13, 2014

That time I had surgery

image via

People are my jam. So as the last two years doing photography have exploded, I became overwhelmed and burnt out quickly losing my faith/trust in people. Mainly because I didn't understand boundaries or really know how to run a business. My heart became hard and I felt lost and worn.
When we moved to California my largest vow was to not be in that place again. In fact, I was close to just letting the business all go, my prayer was "Lord whatever you want me to do". Since we've been here its been a steady stream of wonderful clients desiring photography and as I set up rules and boundaries for myself it all became so different but my heart was still leary of people. Then I had surgery.
 It was minor procedure to remove a random infected cyst, but they insisted I go under and man was I scared! However, watching people come to my rescue expecting nothing in return floored me. This was just the thing to soften my heart and learn to trust again. Who knew? I don't recommend surgery but know that God can and will use anything to soften our hearts. All he wants is our hearts and he wants them whole and healed.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A baby girl nursery featuring Chairish

Two close friends of mine are about to have baby girls, so I've got baby girls on the brain. Ok fine, they are always on my day one day! When Chairish contacted me to feature one of their amazing chairs in a space I jumped at the challenge. I was attracted to the mustard yellow toned chair immediately and remembered the pillow in my etsy cart as a perfect match then a nursery was born.
I'm pretty sure our upcoming trip to Palm Springs influenced the colors in this design! 
 A Palm Springs Glam Nursery!

Yellow chair- Chairish
Pink Armoires- Chairish
Pink chevron pillows-Chairish
Green pillows- Chairish
Dresser- Chairish
Abacus- Chairish
Rug- Chairish
Flowered pillow- Motif Pillows
Chandelier- Chairish
Curtains- Land of Nod
Brush strokes painting- Minted
Stork Print- Land of Nod

Be sure to peruse all the other accent chairs Chairish has to offer!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Emily Henderson's Home tour, its a wowser.

I stumbled upon Emily Henderson's blog a couple months ago and I'm pretty hooked. Her winsome personality and knack for well, placing knacks is incredible. Design in my opinion is the study of how things go together and she's got it down.

A little "us"update,  I've built in some time on my Fall schedule to put the finishing touches on our base home before he gets back! I've changed my kitchen like 3 times, dear Lord. Pictures coming soon!

If my eye dances around the space, I know its good. This is an eye-dancing space, friends.

A girl after my own heart with all her blouses, I never met a blouse I didn't like.

Best kid room, that canopy.

This just puts a smile on my face. It's like a rainbow in the living room. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Making base housing pretty: the kitchen

First, let me start by saying this military home we are living in is a complete gift. An answered prayer for me, set in a wonderful neighborhood overlooking a canyon in San Diego. And did I mention the full basketball court in the backyard. Yes, yes, yes and thank you again Lord.

It came complete with a white kitchen, again dream come true, I love white kitchens. So you can imagine my disappointment when the housing company came knocking and wanted to switch out the cream stone-looking countertops to dark brown. Sadness. So here's a snap of what it looks like now and here's my plan on how to break up all the mismatched browns! 

Contact paper and faux subway tile will be my new best friends.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

San Francisco and some news.

Checking in with an overload of pictures from our San Francisco trip with a pit stop in Monterey! Truly it was a glorious time, I could easily live there. We spent a majority of our time walking around Fisherman's wharf, indulging in clam chowder like 3 times. Yes, I'm full on obsessed. On our way home, we hit up an Angels game and Disneyland. I can't believe how well the boys did at the game, my kids don't sit and they were completely into it to our relief.

Highly recommend Lou Lou's in Monterey, what a view and the food...unreal.

These two are unbelievable close despite the five year difference, I'm so relieved. They fight and love each other hard. 
This was my crab cake salad, unbelievable. Food like this lights up my life.

We met a random Italian on the pier who was the nicest guy, handed his pole over to my boys and they were in heaven. Italians are the best.

Dungenese crabs. I can't get over the coloring on this crab, so pretty.

Nice Italian guy took our picture and invited us to eat with him next time we come through town!

Here's us walking the hills in San Francisco, we almost died, seriously.

Cherry blossoms in San Fran!

This is the best bowl of clam chowder you will ever have, Fisherman's grotto is where you should go, you will thank me.

Pier 39 seals.

Dancing to the music on the street. 

We rode the trolley, I was kinda scared for my life.

Baker beach, what a view of the bridge.

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