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My packing list for San Francisco

San Francisco is one of my favorite places, so I'm pretty stoked to be heading there this week with family in tow. We're jamming a lot into this vacation, a day at disney, a graduation, a photo session, and an Angels baseball game! I needed clothing items to mix and match so I could pack l…

The best Carbonara pasta you'll ever have plus the giveaway winner!

I came across this pasta and just stared at it for quite a while. Pasta is a serious thing for me, I'm Italian what can I say? My attempts at carbonara are adequate but dealing with eggs is always tricky. I sware they are the hardest thing to cook and get perfectly which is why I'm betting …

Us at Joshua Tree National Park

We had a lot of fun traveling to Joshua Tree National Park for some families I photographed! What a spectacular place, not to mention a boy wonder land with rocks to climb and animals roaming freely. We will back for sure.

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