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Hats please!

It sure is sunny here in San Diego, so that means a couple things for me....happiness and sun protection. Grabbing hats is the easiest, quickest and stylish way for me to achieve even greater sun protection. Here are my favorites!

From urban outfitters and free people!

Your Mom needs this! {Pedaling Designs Giveaway}

Rebecca from Pedaling Designs has graciously sent me a gorgeous set of personal note cards just in time for Mother's day! It will be this set of 10 cards but with, "A note from Mom" scripted on the front.
To enter the giveaway you must do 2 things: 1. Leave a comment here or on Faceboo…

$3.99 DIY Painted pillow

I have a thing for painted brush strokes mostly because when I see them I think to myself with joy, "I can do that!" Painterly brush strokes have been all the rage for quite some time from artwork to fashion. They give that perfect touch of "abstract art museum" to your home. I…

Desert meets Spring

In light of our upcoming trip this weekend to Joshua Tree National Park in search of wildflowers, I'm looking forward to a spring mixed desert vibe. 
dress, diy painted baskets, mexican blanket, nightstand, rug

Aviation egg hunt & Happy Easter!

It's not everyday you get to hunt for eggs among historic aircraft! Such a fun hunt. Happy Easter friends, hope has risen today.

Three things I wish someone told me


These three thoughts have been bouncing around in my head for a long time. Simply they are my life experiences I've encountered along the way; lessons full of hardship, wisdom, and hope. So if you've yet to tread the ground of these life-altering nuggets then this post is truly for yo…

I change my mind, I'll take a lounge!

The patio idea I originally posted over here is great in terms of a typical outside dining space. But we kinda live outside and I'm getting old, which means I need a comfortable seat! I think this outdoor couch via ikea is just the ticket; so I'm trading the dining table for a couch! Will …

It doesn't get more "Spring" than this! {Our spring pictures!}

This was like walking onto the poppy field scene in the "Wizard of Oz" so so spectacular! These are the flower fields in Carlsbad, California and for a color lover like me, a complete dream come true!

Boaz's "Buzz lightyear" room

To say my two year old loves toy story would be a gross understatement at this time! I try and veer from overly themed rooms just because they grow out of the phase so quickly, but when I saw this rocket canopy on land of nod, I had to come up with a whole room centered around that piece!

canopy, r…

Friday Favorites

This bike kinda sums me up right now! Feeling worn (a bit old!), there's a bell indicating there's still some toot in my horn, and the flowers.....the flowers offer hope of new life.  In other news, this past week we had tinker bell and the pirate fairy movie on repeat. They are clev…

Wallpapering using wrapping paper

We've landed an awesome base house in San Diego, the Lord's grace to us truly. There's basketball courts, sidewalks galore and parks on every corner-dream come true for this season of our life. It's really been answered prayer, I was one lonely girl out in the country.

I'm sure …

A whole meal around goat cheese

I have a serious love for goat cheese, it just gets me. A cheese that is creamy, tart, and smooth. Heavenly. Here's two goat cheese recipes that have me drooling.

Kale, spinach, and goat cheese pasta

Milk Chocolate Fudge goat cheese ice cream