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Family Portraits

We enlisted a professional photographer to capture our last moments here in Okinawa, the results are pretty stunning. Check out the proofs.  (Kimberly Mitchell Photography)

All things Australia Week: Interiors and Exteriors

I'm hooked on both the interiors and exteriors I stumbled upon while in Sydney. I picked up and happily perused through one of their publications, Real Living. I just might have to subscribe, look at the great rooms I found there!

The Audrey Hepburn chair, brillant. Her "Roman Holiday"…

All things Australia Week: Our Swanky Hotel

This is my official shout out to the swanky hotel we stayed at in Sydney. You must know by now the sucker I am for great interiors and this place never failed to impress. From the impeccable customer service, to the goose-down covered beds, and spa-like pool, all without breaking the bank... what m…

All things Australia Week: Hillsong

Its safe to say that Adam and I are "Jesus freaks" enough to take a plane, train, and automobile to attend church. But not just any church, my's Hillsong in Australia. Ya know, where Darlene Czech penned "Shout to the Lord" along with many other big names. Whil…

All things Australia Week: Gone Country

Our city time in Sydney was almost outdone by the gorgeous country side while visiting Adam's Uncle and cousin. Really the whole country is RIDICULOUS, truly idyllic.
Take at look at these beauts: (beauts=beautiful in aussie slang!) Adam was perfecting his australian accent the entire time for w…

All things Australia Week:What's NOT to LOVE about Sydney?

Between the gorgeous clean streets, ridiculous euro architecture, and extremely kind aussie people....what's not to love about Sydney? My husband's voicebox was on repeat with....I love Australia I love Australia I love Australia!! Essentially, for us it was like San Francisco meets Europe …
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