Sunday, May 24, 2009

All things Australia Week: Gone Country

Our city time in Sydney was almost outdone by the gorgeous country side while visiting Adam's Uncle and cousin. Really the whole country is RIDICULOUS, truly idyllic.
Take at look at these beauts: (beauts=beautiful in aussie slang!) Adam was perfecting his australian accent the entire time for when we live there someday. (A man can dream!)

Boys being boys, not pictured is me on the sidelines, praying no one would lose an eye!

Behold the gorgeous old architecture of the town post office, total LOVE.

On a total aside, one of our favorite Aussie dishes sampled while in the countryside was this tasty morsel pictured below, known as a rissole, cooked year round there on the barbie (aussie for grill)...delish.



Blair said...

Oh, what lovely photos! That post office is beautiful.

Adam said...

we found out later how dangerous Koala's can be, but notice my hand on his arm keeping "claw awareness" high.

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