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Favorites Friday: off to the fair

Its been a long two weeks without husband, happy to have him back just in time for the State fair this weekend. I'm already agonizing over which food stand to hit up first the fried oreos or the crabcakes.
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another great example of family dressing
frito chili pie
blessing bags
i could live …

Family Christmas card outfits

I know I know I'm already talking about Christmas and its not even October, but I'm booked from here to Christmas with family photo shoots! So excited! The number one question I get is what I should I wear especially when it comes to dressing the whole family, quite the task. Here's wha…

Sleeved gowns

My sleeved dress adoration all started with the peach gown on the left, total love. There's something so timeless and classy about dresses with sleeves. The royal wedding is the perfect case in point.

And yes that is the Pippa dress on the right, for sale over here.

Easiest dinner ever

Take tilapia and add gobs of butter (we use "earth balance" vegan butter) plus bay seasoning and wrap in foil. Put in oven at 350 for 20-25 minutes and you'll have the best buttery fish ever, promise.

The messy bits in between

I'm trying to be more intentional about catching the messy bits in between and not just living from big moment to moment like the next vacation or any other big event. So I busted out the camera during G's bath time the other day and captured his merry-making in the tub. It wasn't a hu…

Favorites Friday: Juxtaposition

I love the juxtaposition of something rough with something romantic, its makes an interesting combination in any area like interiors, photography and even food!  This weekend I'll be scouting out the perfect contrasting locations for upcoming photo shoots, fun fun! And might be picking up hallow…

Inspiration comes from the funniest places

I literally prayed the other day, "Lord give me inspiration" as I was prepping for a maternity photo shoot. She is having twin boys and I wanted to show that off in a tasteful way without holding a sign across her belly that said twins. At that moment I came across this card I gave to my …

Must have minestrone

As soon as the season changes I instantly crave soups and comfort food. This is my go-to minestrone full of kale, white beans, chickpeas, carrots, and whole wheat penne. The difference between this and your run of the mill minestrone is in the white wine, which brings it to a whole new level.  Level…

Who wants a camera lens?

I'm selling my canon 24-105mm lens, which has gently been used for a year. This lens is perfect for those looking to buy their first lens and step outside of the standard kit lens. Its best feature is its near and far capabilities, perfect for sneaking up on kids unnoticed and also capturing th…

Baby wonderland {2 months}

Babydoll (my latest nickname) turned two months and I continue to live in baby wonderland. If you heard my babytalk all day long you would laugh out loud, I'm totally in love. With my first I was a nervous wreck, up all night, and had no idea what I was doing. This time, I still don't know…

Favorites Friday: Fall Kickoff

Getting so excited about all things Fall... fallen leaves, layered clothing, and the pumpkin farm! Were finally expecting a chill in the air and I couldn't be more thrilled. I think I'll celebrate it this weekend with an apple pie.
Fall-like links:
pumpkin ice cream
fall outfit
perfect knit hat

One dreamy gown

Guess what? We are invited to two military balls this year, the chaplain corps and Marine corps ball! Since I've been to my fair share of balls and have quite a collection of gowns at this point, I'm looking towards possibly thrift store for special finds!This gown would be a dream, love th…

I quit my job

It was one of those bittersweet decisions. While I love my work family, I love my baby more! This is a very personal decision for everyone and right now this is right for me. I mean, look at those bright eyes, how could I leave those?!

The pants that go with everything

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The kale that saved the weekend

Husband got snatched away to work this weekend so for a pick me up, I tried this new delightful recipe. Kale with potatoes, mushroom, and sausage (we used vegan sausage!) topped with a fried egg, yum. Can be made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and loaded with protein and healthy greens. Have I con…

Favorites Friday: Rain

We've been waterlogged this week with no signs of stopping! Looking forward to some downtime and a  get together while attempting to stay dry!
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Cheery links:
Gorgeous color
Finally got these in Red in light of all our rain
Beautiful picture of worship
Pretty rain drops
Have a lovely weekend, …

That moment

I finally had that moment, the moment of contentment. For me those moments tend to be fleeting because I typically have a restless spirit, which drives me crazy. But this week with my big kiddo at school, I'm home with babyman and its wonderfully quiet and blissful. Help me to stay in this mome…

My mommy favorites (newborn)

The baby product world is completely overwhelming. So this is my list especially for you first time mommas out there of items I can't live without and use everyday with honeybee!

Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller: This has been wonderful to use with both kiddos and just the baby. I actually boug…

I'm gonna stalk the school bus

The big day is here, first day of kindergarten! I'm excited, nervous, and sad. My biggest concern is whether he will make it to his classroom which is why I'm following the school bus there! I know its a little crazy, but I'll wonder the entire day if he made it there. Good news is I ca…

Favorites Friday: I love birthdays

Husband's birthday was yesterday and I had a blast throwing together a little family shindig, even bought my own helium machine, yep. Looking forward to a busy weekend with two photo shoots and our last weekend before Gideon's kindergarten debut. I'm thinking of following (stalking) his…

The corn cakes that saved the day

The consistent lack of sleep is starting to take its toll so I needed these highly anticipated corn cakes with avocado salsa to taste good so the day wouldn't be in complete vain! They were delicious just what the doctor ordered for an end of summer treat and one worn out mama, recipe here.

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