Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My mommy favorites (newborn)

The baby product world is completely overwhelming. So this is my list especially for you first time mommas out there of items I can't live without and use everyday with honeybee!

Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller: This has been wonderful to use with both kiddos and just the baby. I actually bought hooks for the handle and use it for grocery shopping too. I can steer it with one hand and it only weighs 20 lbs so lifting in the trunk itsn't too bad either.

Swaddles: One of the many secrets to baby sleep is swaddling. In fact by the grace of God Bo is pretty much sleeping through the night which is a dream come true, literally my first never did that until a year a half. uggghh!

Baby Bjorn: I know there are tons of carriers and slings out there, but this one is my favorite and officially approved by my first kid. I do hear wonderful things about the Ergo as well and may look into that when he gets bigger! I love how easy and fast this carrier is to get on and Bo even falls asleep in it, win win.

Aden & Anais blankets: These are wonderful and new to me! I received them as a gift and use them for everything....burping, swaddling, and keeping warm plus the patterns are adorable too.

Deluxe fold and go: This handy dandy folding pouch holds diapers, wipes, and its own changing pad.

Robeez crib shoes: These are wonderful leather shoes that don't fall off come in many cute designs and look adorable. P.S They have the cheaper versions now at Target and Old Navy.

White Noise App: This one is free and out of everything on my list is a must have for my baby. I play this next to him and he is out like a light. If you have a smart phone download for free here.

Nursing Cover: An essential for a nursing mama! I highly recommend this brand not only for the wonderful patterns it comes in but you can keep a visual on baby while nursing due to the neckline, genius.


MamaGray said...

I agree with everything except for the nursing cover...I think it's more of a hassle than not.

Funny you mention the Aden and Anais blankets...I splurged on two the other day (my first 3rd baby purchase!!!) because I couldn't resist the softness. The gender-neutral patterns are adorable as well...

Glad to hear you're getting some sleep!

Cheri said...

For the crafty type, you can easily make homemade Aiden and Anais blankets. Simply buy muslin fabric (which softens with each wash) and sew a hem on the edges (I buy 45 x 45" fabric). You can personalize it by stamping the fabric or using iron-ons. Great baby shower gift and far cheaper than Aiden and Anais blankets (which are my favorite things in the world- my 2 year old still uses him. That was pre knowing how to make them!).

Fran said...

Thanks for this!! I'm going to check out the deluxe fold and go!!

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