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Guess the dresses

The balls are coming up quick and I've finally made my dress selections! So excited. I'm going with flowy and elegant for one ball and sassy and short for the other, guess my picks!

Favorites Friday: blink

I feel like time is rushing by and I'm struggling to find ways to slow it down, eeeek. Life feels like its happening in a blink. This weekend, I'd like to make a conscious effort be still and savor moments!

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Too good Not to share

I've been up to my ears in photos, but came across some goodies I must share with you. My quest for comfortable, cute and able to run in a moment's notice shoes has come to an end. Behold croc cheetah flats they are like wearing slippers!
shoes here
Then Jcrew launches a baby-line, help me now…

Giveaway winner

amber said...

My favorite thing about fall is the colors of the leaves changing. It is just so beautiful!! Congrats Amber, I'll email you the gift card girl!

Running on fumes

Baby man decided it would be fun to show off his new rolling over skills all night long, not so fun for me. Be back tomorrow with giveaway winner, sorry!

Favorites Friday: weekend in

image via
I think i'm still recovering from our NewYork trip so this weekend I plan on cuddling under blankets, lighting candles, baking chocolate chip cookies, and catching the latest rom com on netflix!
What are you guys up to?
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I've got something for you! {Novica giveaway}

Novica, a home design online store (in association with National Geographic) has offered the lovely readers of Johns Journal a $75 gift card. I've perused their site and have found many items I fancy for home and personal use. Their inventory is very eclectic and features products from home dec…

Blowing bubbles and eating curtains {3 months}

Finally starting to play with the video function on my camera to fulfill a personal vow of capturing more videos of the kiddos!

Stay tuned for a big giveaway tomorrow!

Christmas card outfit for family of 6

I had a request for Christmas card outfits for a family of 6, featuring cooler tones. These colors will really pop in a photo and are a nice alternative to standard red and green! Everything from Old Navy, but green headband and baby girl flats from baby gap.

NY weekend

What a weekend! New York was full of fun and adventure especially when you throw a 3 month old in the mix. We decided to brave it and take the train into the city the first night and 3 wrong trains later we got there and walked about 8 blocks to the Indian restaurant we set our sights on all throug…

Favorites Friday: getaway

Off to Long Island New York for the weekend! Its my husband's reunion at the Merchant Marine Academy, should be a good time and a long overdue getaway for us! Hope you have a relaxing one!

Baby love

Had the pleasure of meeting this lil gem yesterday, he rocked his photo shoot, more here.

Fall loves: hunter boots

I have a bit of a hunter boot saga. They've been on my wish list for quite some time and the moment I decided to give in and purchase they were sold out of the color I wanted, drat. So I waited and waited and even ordered a size down to see if that would work. You know the whole cinderella step…

Fall loves: pasta e fagioli

This might very well be my favorite comfort soup. My sister and I literally countdown to the first crisp in the air so we can throw a pot of pasta fagioli on the stove. Its a simple italian soup of pasta and beans, but add some fresh rosemary plus a cup of your best marinara and its heaven on a spo…

Favorites Friday: October

Completely basking in the glory of fall! The leaves are just starting to change, its about to get drop dead gorgeous here, can't wait. To celebrate Fall, I'm sharing my fall favorites on the blog next week, stay tuned.
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My crazy cheetah vest

vest: threadsence I actually couldn't believe I bought this vest. It was right after I took a solemn vow to be more adult and invest in classic pieces instead of falling prey to trends! So I've been wearing "cheetah" around the house and then got bold enough to wear it to church. I…

The "W" word

I love it when I worry about things before they even happen like the trip my husband may or may not take. Isn't that crazy, absurd and such a waste of time? Unfortunately I find myself doing it all the time, ugh. But good news I'm starting to catch on and I'm just choosing to stop. To c…

Ready for State fair pictures?

The State fair was seriously fantastic, it makes me giddy. This year husband finally made it which meant my sister and I could peruse the convention center craft tables while he took our 5 year old on the rides, score! I only regret that I missed the picture of the best gyro I've ever tasted, n…
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