Monday, October 17, 2011

NY weekend

What a weekend! New York was full of fun and adventure especially when you throw a 3 month old in the mix. We decided to brave it and take the train into the city the first night and 3 wrong trains later we got there and walked about 8 blocks to the Indian restaurant we set our sights on all through the rain and wind. My husband kept reminding me that I wanted an adventure! The next two days were spent at my husband's college reunion on Long Island at the Merchant Marine Academy where we were married too! It's a beautiful campus that now holds fond memories for both us, such a treasured time.

I rented a tilt-shift lens for the weekend, which makes a city skyline look mini, I love the effect.

St. Patrick's

I got a kick out of this alumi choice of outfit so they could match!

Bo loves holding hands with everyone and its such a tight sweet grasp.
Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Brooke said...

looks like a lovely fall weekend.
you really do take the most beautiful photos!
you're littlest one is just a doll!

adamljohns said...

Thanks for taking my new face book profile photo... Ha a wonderful time with you this weekend, babe!

Amanda said...

wow! what beautiful photos! Love that tilt-shift lens.

formerly known as emj said...

My friend Jess's ( dad was/is there too as an alumi

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