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Guest Room Inspiration Board

Our tiny spare room will eventually be a nursery {Lord willing} but for now serves as a guest room. No paint on the walls this time, but drawing colors from the piece of bird art pictured below! Though the picture isn't that great, the colors featured in the art are this soothing palette and I …

State Fair

What's not to love about the fair?! The animals, rides, and fair food....yummy! Fun times...

playing in the corn kernels
My sister, horse-whispering!
we witnessed the birth of this chicken, amazing
Gideon and John Deere so happy together!
His first pony ride, giddy-up
Sweet potato with the works
I thi…

Pumpkins please

Have I mentioned that Fall is my absolute favorite season? Since I've missed it for the past 4 years in subtropical Okinawa Japan, I plan on fully embracing every aspect this year, particularly pumpkins! Let the pumpkin carving begin, these are some gorgeous ones all from the queen of crafting,…

Trend Report: Fall

Here's my favorite Fall trends all from Jcrew
Bling bling
fresh color combos
Bring on the fall!

Favorites Friday: Wild Things

Being out here in the country is so refreshing and freeing minus our internet troubles! The praying mantis, leaf-bug, and a red-spotted frog have all made an appearance in and around our garage! Here's some images from this week due to my animal-state of mind!
via a alifemorefabulous
via brownbut…

Pedaling Designs

Attention military families and card affectionados, let me introduce you to my sweet friend, Rebecca's newest endeavor, "Pedaling Designs" featuring her custom card and birth announcements. I absolutely love the birth announcement she made for my lil guy and will be tapping her for ou…

Bookcases on the brain

So, Im considering tapping into someone who can build me a built-in bookcase for a reasonable price...does this concept exist, I do hope so! Here's the look I'm after:

images domino, elledecor via Xjavierx and isuwannee

Where the green grass grows

Just a quick check in with ya'll!! We're finally in the house and are SO enjoying every bit of it! Particularly the great outdoors, where we've already spotted plenty of cardinals, deer, and a array of stray animals!! Here's a few shots of the exterior and I'm in a mad frenzy to…


Norfolk turned out to be the change of scenery I needed to snap me out of the home-waiting blues!! Touring the U.S.S Wisconsin, splashing waves at the beach, and feeding animals at the zoo were perfect mind-relaxers:
U.S.S Wisconsin

Hubby reads every sign, while I chase Gideon!

Getting our toes wet at…
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