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Who's Rv'd before?

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2012 is gonna be a year of firsts, I hope. So to kick that off I'm thinking a Rv trip to NY to see my Mom and attend my cousin's wedding is in order. I have been Rv'ing a few times before as a kid and its with fond memories minus the time my dad backed that thing into a rock an…

Casting vision #2 {I need an allowance}

image via Sometimes its good to return of the teenager years of allowances and accountability. I'm very good at spending money without batting much of an eye and need to put a stop to that stat. So my solution is putting myself on an allowance, where I have an actual card that has a set amount o…

Favorites Friday: Relaxing

I've earned a slew of nicknames during my little lifetime. I was affectionately called "spunky" on my first job as a nurse in Washington D.C! It was most likely due to my bubbly personality but also the speed at which I moved! Relaxing and slowing down doesn't come natural to me, …

Wanna see some cute valentines?

Aren't these darling? I wanted something sweet for Gideon to pass out a school and the talented Rebecca of Pedaling Designs whipped these up in a day, she's amazing. Shoot her a message if your interested in these, I love mine!

The secret to marriage

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My husband and I are currently listening to a series called Love & Respect and its been a game-changer for us. He shares about how women just need to be/feel loved and men need respect and if neither needs are met a vicious cycle ensues. Its been 8 years of marriage and I finally just l…

My favorite kind of pictures {mommas & their babes}

We just passed about a year for our little photography adventure and I learn something new every time. I've learned that my favorite picture hands down is mom's and their babies. Also, lifestyle photography (candids of families being themselves) is my niche and love. My Mom sent me a photo a…

Favorites Friday: White

If January had a color, it would be white, don't you agree? We've only had one dusting of snow here, but even without it the sky is white. Frankly, I think its quite beautiful. (this is my obvious attempt at embracing winter!)  I'm putting the finishing touches on my winter wreath today, …

Sitting & standing {6months}

And now we are pulling up to stand and attempting steps, this kid is crazy! I would love it if he just sat there and was a baby, but no he's got places to go people!

My latest enemy

The nature of my husband's job lends itself to frequent trips and my extroverted people loving self struggles a bit, particularly in our non subdivision country home. Let's just say late at night my mind becomes consumed with ridiculousness like kidnapping, burglary, and the such. Seriously…

Baby products that make your life easier {4-6 months}

1.Baby Bjorn travel crib- Our packnplay finally died and I say good riddance! The bottom was so hard and that thing was such a mess to open and close. So behold this travel crib comes complete with soft mattress weighs 11 pounds and takes 20 seconds to open. The only downside is the steep price poi…

Casting vision:#1

A couple of years ago, like eight to be exact I heard a sermon that changed my life based off the bible verse, "Without vision the people will perish." The pastor encouraged us to make a life list, akin to a bucket list, but I prefer his title! To make a list of things you want to do howe…

Favorites Friday: Two tone

Loving all the two tone things I've been seeing pop up lately from home to fashion. Also I'm excited to share some of my goal/visions/resolutions next week here on the blog. 

I adore this picture.
If I had girl she would need this outfit stat.
A great way to organize stuff.
Winter weekend wear.

Dear Winter

Due to our extended time on the balmy tropical island of Okinawa Japan I dread and struggle all winter long which is pretty lame considering we live in Virginia, not exactly due North. Pretty sure my time on the island made my skin thinner and tolerance for cold non-existent. But I'm looking to…

On the Texas ranch

This is us frolicking around on my Father in laws's Texas ranch over our vacation. Gideon was in heaven.

A variety of things

I'm in weekend recovery mode! It was a full crazy whirlwind weekend that landed Bo with his first cold, but were having success with the plug in vapor in his room, essentially aromatherapy! Had to pop in and say happy monday and leave you with two things....I finally found and purchased the bask…

Favorites Friday: January

Hello winter! Our time in Texas was coat-free with high's of 67, but we came back to winter weather. My goal this winter is to keep the blues at bay....translation lots of cozy sweaters and hot chocolate.

Would you have an anniversary party? Love the idea!
Made this soup last night, perfect winte…

2011 review and a happy new year too!

Were back from Texas and what a trip! Internet was sparse so I couldn't check in, but happy new year just the same! My husband could of charged for the firework display he put on in Texas, seriously good. We now know his second calling if the Marine Corps doesn't work out!

Here's the bes…
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