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My favorite kind of pictures {mommas & their babes}

We just passed about a year for our little photography adventure and I learn something new every time. I've learned that my favorite picture hands down is mom's and their babies. Also, lifestyle photography (candids of families being themselves) is my niche and love.
My Mom sent me a photo album and most of the pictures included my siblings and even my Dad, but not my Mom because she was taking the pictures. I know this is the case for most Mom's or they don't like getting their picture taken. But I promise you will treasure and stare at the pictures of you with your children for a lifetime. It is the fiercest of bonds and should be captured on film. So mommas get in the picture by learning to use the self-timer on the camera or have an older sibling take the picture, you need to capture the beauty of what you do every day....raising your precious children.

Here's my little photo session with baby B that hubs captured.
 Also, one Gideon (my 5yr old) took for me, not a perfect picture, but perfect moment captured.
Now, go get in the picture, Mommas!


  1. You take such gorgeous photos. Yes, moms and babies are precious together. Such beautiful moments to cherish.

  2. Oh my goodness and look at how lovely they all are. Beautiful captures!


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