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7 years

Happy 7 years babe, here's to many more!
"They are led in joy and gladness..."Psalm 45:15 {our wedding day here}

Fall checklist:leopard and ruffles

Everyone knows I can appreciate a little animal print (member my zebra table?!) So when leopard prints made their appearance for fall everywhere I was on board! Just remember a little goes a long way when its on you. Throw a jacket/blazer over top for real fall weather, unlike our current high of 9…

Friday Favorites: Charlottesville simplicity

I've successfully stretched my charlottesville high all week long, but can ya blame me? The moment we hit the country roads with acreage of farms, horses, and bed &breakfasts, I died and went to heaven.The stress dripped off and relaxation set it, oh so lovely. The simple country life drew …

Charlottesville: ask a nurse

So all this back to school business inspires me to go back myself. The medical building at University of Virginia was drop dead gorgeous and historical of course. I'd love a masters in nursing but simply desiring more medical knowledge at this point so instead I'm taking a photography class…

Charlottesville: Back to school

Excitement was in the air during "move-in" weekend at University of Virginia as we toured the campus. It certainly brought back memories for husband and I, revisiting college experiences in our minds! I distinctly remember hitting up goodwill for a couch and other items to decorate my dor…

Charlottesville: the wedding

The groom and my husband are long time friends from flight school. While the wedding was tiny in size it was bright in color and tradition, so lovely. I couldn't get over the hydrangeas and historic church, breathtaking.

Charlottesville: Clifton Inn & Monticello

The small intimate wedding, picturesque farms, rolling hills, american history, and downtown strolls made our Charlottesville weekend pefectly dreamy. I might need the whole week to unload all of the inspiration! We stayed at the Clifton Inn a historic retreat complete (circa 1800's) with moder…

Friday Favorites: Getaway

Packing our bags for a weekend getaway to Charlottesville, Virginia! Our first husband/wife getaway without our kiddo. You'll find us cutting a rug at a wedding, touring Monticello, and strolling through historic old town. Happy weekend!

images here
But couldn't leave ya without some link lov…

Little Miss Independent

image here
Full dependence on God is a challenge for my independent self. You see, despite my world travels I am American through and through, having a "I can do it" attitude and "nothing that hard work can't fix" notions. Nothing wrong with those philosophies, but God desire…

Art over tv diy

There's been quite a few emails lately regarding the art over tv trick. So I snapped some pictures to show and tell! Basically find an art piece that will lay over top your tv to conceal, measuring is key. Ikea has great large ones for super cheap, then simply screw one L bracket into top of …

A very hungry catepillar party

So the party didn't exactly go as planned since husband was gone, I had to cancel. No worries I brought the party to preschool! My very hungry caterpillar was a happy bug! It was lovely and low-key. Happy Birthday Gideon!

The "Very Hungry Caterpillar" supplies from Eric Carle Museum.

Fall checklist: Sequins & oxfords

Welcome to my Fall checklist series cataloging fall fashion things. Just a quick note: I view fashion as frivolous and a weakness of mine I try and approach in moderation. Please do not feel led to go out and buy anything. I was highly motivated by the 30/30 series where some great gals (here and h…

Our photo gallery & Happy Friday

This project was hands down the most difficult due to the height of the stairway. Painting the walls and hanging pictures almost literally killed me, but looking at family memories every time I go up and down is worth it!

A little unconvential to do rug on rug, but I like breaking rules sometimes.


Audience of One

image here
Ever read something that stops you in your tracks? This week it was this scripture: "For they loved praise from men more than from God." {John 12:43} My people-pleasing self was dumfounded, convicted, and refocused. For a girl hoping everyone likes me what a relief to know ther…

Apologies and a peacock mirror

So good news I finished my photo gallery wall, but it still needs tweaking so the reveal will have to wait a bit, sorry for false expectations!!! Totally unrelated, I was wandering through pier 1 imports (need to stop that) and the peacock mirror I've loved since last fall was still there on cle…
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