Welcome to my Fall checklist series cataloging fall fashion things. Just a quick note: I view fashion as frivolous and a weakness of mine I try and approach in moderation. Please do not feel led to go out and buy anything. I was highly motivated by the 30/30 series where some great gals (here and here) reworked their existing wardrobe into thirty outfits without buying a thing.
So here we go, first up, sequins and oxfords. Sequins and I go way back, like as in dance recitals since I was 5, it was love then and love now! The top is a pale/pink sweater with clear sequins and on bottown my potato sack pants, really they feel exactly like burlap but lined. {From Okinawa and pefectly hemmed, love Japan!) And the glasses, well that's just me trying to look smart! The oxford shoes I got for Christmas this past year, still going strong!
{trend tidbit: I typically try out a trend because I'm a sucker, but real workhorses of wardrobe like my wide leg pants are 4 years old and perfect every season.}

By the way, I'm really bad at ironing, that crease is not a result of my hardwork, just ask husband.