Monday, August 16, 2010

Fall checklist: Sequins & oxfords

Welcome to my Fall checklist series cataloging fall fashion things. Just a quick note: I view fashion as frivolous and a weakness of mine I try and approach in moderation. Please do not feel led to go out and buy anything. I was highly motivated by the 30/30 series where some great gals (here and here) reworked their existing wardrobe into thirty outfits without buying a thing.
So here we go, first up, sequins and oxfords. Sequins and I go way back, like as in dance recitals since I was 5, it was love then and love now! The top is a pale/pink sweater with clear sequins and on bottown my potato sack pants, really they feel exactly like burlap but lined. {From Okinawa and pefectly hemmed, love Japan!) And the glasses, well that's just me trying to look smart! The oxford shoes I got for Christmas this past year, still going strong!
{trend tidbit: I typically try out a trend because I'm a sucker, but real workhorses of wardrobe like my wide leg pants are 4 years old and perfect every season.}

By the way, I'm really bad at ironing, that crease is not a result of my hardwork, just ask husband.


Jill GG (good life for less) said...

gorgeous, of course! Thanks for the shout-out as well ;)

Nikki said...

Great checklist! I love your tan sunglasses, I have been searching for some but can't find any!!


Linda Rose said...

you look so beautiful! we need to see more pictures of what you're wearing! i'm getting ideas from just this one outfit!

and thanks for mentioning me too!

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