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Summer essentials

Head over to Jill's good life for lessto catch a glimpse of my summer essentials!

Gideon's birthday shirt

This tutorial comes from this amazing blog and the minute I saw it, I wanted to try it. Gideon loved doing the whole thing and it was quite simple. Get plain shirt, iron on number, skirt a water gun mixed with a little bleach at it and bam-instant rad t-shirt!
Use an iron on number or letter, whiche…

Our french date, oh la la

So we've had these gift certificates to a great french restaurant in Old town Fredericksburg and finally put them to use! All the more feeding into my desire to visit France someday soon! The food was so good and I ate it so fast I forgot to take a picture!

 Oh my he is handsome!

One hot mama

Check out Chelsea a dear nurse friend who rocked her maternity session at the vineyard! Go here for more of her!

Favorites Friday: outdoors

This weekend husband is home and they are letting me keep him around in case baby makes an appearance, yippee! So we'll be doing some yardwork (last finishing touches on our deckspace) and perhaps catch movie and dinner! I've also got a maternity photo shoot for a dear friend, can't wai…

9 month bump plus a sunhat

We made it to the end, well almost...I"m due anywhere from July 4-11! I'm feeling quite ready and round, that tree is holding me up!

When pregnant just throw on a bunch of accessories and its all good!
Can't wait to see his sweet face, thank you again for all your prayers and well wishes…

Color crushing on sienna

I love how colors evoke moods and even memories. This sienna brown reminds me of a worn-in leather chair with its richness, but also the desert sun; perfect for summer! It seems to work just like a neutral pairing and working with any color, sky's the limit with this one!

images anntaylor, jcrew

Bruschetta pizza

Meet my new favorite summer pizza, so easy, healthy, and fast! 

I use the already-made bruschetta from Wegmans grocery store (best store ever)

 Bake at 400 for 12-14 minutes, give it a try you won't be sorry!


My sister and I went to see Wicked (the back story of the witches of the wizard of oz) at the Kennedy center in Washington D.C this past week and the songs are still playing in my head! It was positively captivating and so well-written, truly a creative masterpiece of story, song, and friendship! I…

Favorites Friday: Green

My sister and I went to to see "Wicked" the musical this week, which was phenomenal! So I have green on the brain and with all the forecasted rain this weekend our yard should be looking pretty green too!
Green hunter rain boots are on my wish list via pinterest
What a great green room via

Skirted console table tutorial (4 easy steps)

All you need for this tutorial is at least 6-7 yards of fabric, staple gun, and scissors. I found my outdoor fabric on clearance at Hancocks fabric for $6 a yard, major score. Outdoor fabric proved to be easier to work with since its more heavyweight and creates nice seams. 

 In this step you will u…

My skirted console table

This skirted console table was born out of a need for storage! I needed a place to hide my photo printer and props; this table fit the bill. My sister put together the wood pieces which make the console table and I simply stapled and pleated the fabric to fit the table. The how-to post should be co…

A baby update, chariots, and a klondike bar

The ultrasound with the perinatologist was yesterday and well, nothing has changed. The femurs are still measuring 3 weeks behind everything else and everything else is normal. I was hoping to receive some words of comfort but the doctor didn't give me any warm fuzzies, which was a bit hard for…
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