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Meet our China & Russia coats

When I was in need of a winter coat, I found a pretty darling one at American Eagle on sale no less. As I was checking out the guy informed me he called my coat affectionately "China"! Perfect I said in delight, my coat now has a name. So when I saw a similar masculine version, it was ins…

Our Christmas day

Our Christmas....I can't remember a more quiet, perfect day. We opened presents, ate (alot), played with new toys, rode bikes, prayed, and cuddled. Really and truly, Christmas bliss.

Bo happily rolling around in wrapping paper, I love him.
I can't begin to tell you the ways they entertain and…

Merry Christmas {This will warm your heart and make you laugh}

Favorites Friday: Merry Christmas!

Christmas weekend is here, dear friends and I'm pretty excited! This year I think we've checked off every tradition I can think of minus going to the nutcracker. In a house full of boys its hard for me to find a volunteer for going to the ballet! Merry Christmas from ours to yours, hoping i…

Christmas at our house {part 2}

Christmas at our house {part 1}

Here's a few pics of our house dripping in Christmas! I think its hard to get it just right, not too much and not too little, just enough decorations to celebrate the season with class! More tomorrow!

Handmade gift {sugared pecans}

I make these every year because they are that good, easy, and addictive! I challenge you to eat just one! The recipe is super simple.
One bag of pecans
Beat one egg white till frothy.
Mix pecans with egg white till well coated.
Grab one cup of sugar sprinkled with cinnamon.
Mix with pecans, lay out on b…

Inchworming and downward dogs {5 months}

Bo is 5 months today, but he's been doing this whole inchworm/crawl thing since last month. Did I mention his name means, "He who comes in strength"? Check out his perfect downward dog mid movie!

Favorites Friday: Christmas is coming

We've got a full weekend of photoshoots plus a last few touches of decorating at the house! Stay tuned next week for our Christmas decorations and pictures with Santa!

Christmasy links:
This ice cream might be under the Christmas tree!
Citrus Christmas
The true meaning
Pretty mantel
Glad tidings for y…

How rad is this playroom?

I'm blogging this playroom, mainly so I can pin it! It is the perfect place for boys! We are seriously rethinking Gideon's room....chalkboard wall, costume trunk, and games. Keep ya posted.

Hello gorgeous white wood floors, plasma car, and tire swing. amazing. Pin on friends!

I'm making photo books today

I'm the worst at actually printing out photos, can I get a witness?! So today I'm making photo books as gifts for the people I love! Essentially you just drop and drag your photos into these gorgeous templates online, sounds fast and easy and hello pretty designs! I'll let you know how …

Camera Q&A and my camera bag

I've received a few questions regarding photography lately, which amuses me because I'm nothing near a pro and learned everything from the computer. With DSLR cameras so affordable these days it really is pretty easy to take a great picture. Here's some tips I've learned along the w…

Gift guide: for the teacher that has turned your child around!

Its safe to say I'm completely in love and forever indebted to G's kindergarten teacher. She has amazing techniques with him and a patience that knows no limits. I thank God for her! I thought of some items she might enjoy in her classroom! (hope she's reading this!)
Smencils: Smelly pen…

Favorites Friday: Christmas Parties

I"m finally seeing the light at that end of the photographic tunnel! Just a few sessions left now and then newborn madness begins, which I love. Yippee! This weekend we have a rockin holiday party, what are you guys up to?
Sparkling cranberry brie bite, a party in my mouth.
Chicken fettucine wit…

Non-cheesy ways to display Christmas cards

The Christmas cards are rolling in, so exciting! We even got a card from the President and Vice President, how amazing. Turns out the Presidents dog's name is Bo, how did I miss that?  Anyway, I came across a few ideas on how to display them.

All from the queen of craft, martha stewart.
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