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Gift guide: for the teacher that has turned your child around!

Its safe to say I'm completely in love and forever indebted to G's kindergarten teacher. She has amazing techniques with him and a patience that knows no limits. I thank God for her! I thought of some items she might enjoy in her classroom! (hope she's reading this!)

Smencils: Smelly pencils, she lets the kiddos smell scented chapsticks as a treat and they love it, so I thought "smencils" would work great too!

Alphapets: Book with origami letter patterns and fun crafts.

Stencil kit: Stencil faces with markers, fun fun.

Bug bingo: Perfect combination of game plus learning.

Glass ziploc bag: Uniquely quirky glass ziploc bag, more for her desk than the kiddos, could be filled with treats for good behavior.


  1. Oh I love the glass ziploc idea!

  2. The glass Ziploc bag is perfect. My desk is always littered with plastic baggies full of something. :o)

    Whatever you pick, I bet she will be thrilled! I'm glad he's enjoying kindergarten!


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