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Handmade happiness

Continuing the no-spending note this holiday season, I'm looking for some good handmade ideas for close friends and family. Here's a few that caught my eye, all from crafty Martha.
Etched glasses, I actually did this to a mirror and it turned out amazing!

Japanese soaps
decorative pillow…

Sweatshirt series

So is everyone happily stuffed and completely relaxed from their turkey induced comas?!Yum, were still working on our leftovers!  Since we recently purchased a car and husband bought me a new camera all shopping will come to a halt and Christmas presents will only be given to our kiddo! That means n…

So thankful

First I must recap my whirlwind birthday! Husband got me a barely used subaru forester=happy news. Saying goodbye to pop (dad's old car)= sad news. Rushed back home to blow out candles on top our ice cream cake with sister after making her favorite meal; my marinara sauce and pasta! Gideon pops…

Best birthday present ever

Today is the day my sister crashed my first birthday party! She likes to make an entrance! What a gift. we typically demanded our own cakes and apparently matching party headbands! I've started a new tradition of making my sister do something to embarass her! So we'll be chowing down on ice…

Have you seen all the ikat in my house?!

Just wanted to share the inspiration for my blog border, ikat!! Its everywhere in my house and I've yet to get sick of it. Crazy, I know! Its a fabric from Uzbekistan that uses a tye-dyeing method, it helps me remember the world is much bigger than just America! Is there an ikat anonymous group…

Favorites Friday: this and that

I worked yesterday at the hospital and I question everytime I'm there because of the crazy stress, running around with my head cut off, and all that multi-tasking.Then I meet a cutie old lady who calls me sugar and all is well again. What a mixed bag of tricks that place is good grief! sheesh! O…

New blog look!

So I realized I really don't write much about husband's job, mostly because I can't, ya know top secret and all! Thus the updated and overtly more girly blog look, mimicing the color scheme in our living room and my ongoing love for ikat pattern! Don't you think its so much more &qu…

Overcast day still equals pretty pictures

I escaped back to my hometown yesterday and what a total blessing these guys gave me with their smiles and playfulness! The clouds had me worried, but sometimes they really do create interesting light! To check out more of this family, go here.

Winter weddings

Belive it or not I actually have 2 weddings to attend in December what a great month to marry, winter lends itself to so much natural beauty! My sweet girlfriend also has a winter wedding to prep for and emailed me pictures of her dress. It's velvet but sleeveless and she needs a coverup for wa…

Favorites Friday: remixed

First up, please head over to the revel blog by the lovely and gorgeous nienke!!!She's featuring a fall revel series, where today I'm sharing all my favorite things about fall!! Check out her amazing blog full of amazing photography, diy's, and yummy food recipes!
This week really inspi…

My fall uniform

This has been my fall uniform, cardigan, shirt, belt, and boots!!! Love fall weather and clothes, best season.

And here's gideon's! Yep he had two halloween costumes, he wore the bumblebee so much, I treated him to a second (the dragon)...who says only girls like to dress up?!

Reveling in fall

Guest posting today on all my fall favorites over at Nienke's revel blog, check out her amazing photography and blog!

2 years ago today

Can't believe its been two years since we said goodbye to Dad, the most invincible, smartest, and caring doctor you'll ever meet. I've learned and grieved so much since then and yes still the sadness remains, its become a part of me. I remain shocked at how a supposed veteran of faith …

Exciting things

Missed you guys! Exciting things are brewing...getting a blog makeover, prepping for our cross country trip to texas for Christmas, and cutting back at the hospital (halllelujah!)   I took an early exit from the week and headed to New Jersey, what a great getaway! Caught up with old friends, ate jap…

Winter duds

So November 1st felt like fall left and winter arrived, yikes! I blame my thin skin on all that subtropical island living we did for 4 years because it barely hits 50 and I'm in hat, scarves, and gloves! Here's some winter pieces and combinations catching my eye.
Cardigans, warm skirts…

The answer

image here

These lyrics couldn't ring more true to my heart today- "I've tried more of me and I've come up dry, trading you for things that go away. My happiness is found in less of me and more of you....I have found the answer is to love you and be loved by you alone."  Shane a…

Weekend treats

This weekend was full of some fun times and firsts! My first newborn shoot, I forgot how floppy and delicate they are, what a gift. More of him over here.

Played with some colored leaves!
and was smitten with a certain dragon!

Happy November which commences three birthdays, lots of thankfulness and t…
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