So is everyone happily stuffed and completely relaxed from their turkey induced comas?!Yum, were still working on our leftovers!
 Since we recently purchased a car and husband bought me a new camera all shopping will come to a halt and Christmas presents will only be given to our kiddo! That means no new duds for me! Still completely inspired by the 30 for 30 gals, I want to take on the challenge of using what I've got, so you'll  see my gray hooded sweatshirt appearing 4-5 different ways. Today I'm kicking it off; the gray hooded sweatshirt is from target and I saw it on clearance now!

Just so you know I'm that girl who tries on clothes right in the store, no time for the fitting room with a 4 year old and that's how I discovered this cardigan over the sweatshirt number!!