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Koinobori in Okinawa

My favorite time of year in Okinawa is children's holiday called koinobori where they fly colorful flying carp banners to signify a hopeful future for children!! LOVE all that color!

DIY Wireless Light pendant

I thought long and hard about this one and am so excited to share with all you renters and military base home peps a DIY 3 part step way to hanging a pretty light fixture in your home!! You will be able to remove this when you move! Parts: Remote controlled lightbulb Lighting kit pretty basket- I go…

Hong Kong with kids. 3 day itinerary

This was our second time to Hong Kong, the first time I did a girls trip with Gideon who was just two! (I wore him in my backpack the entire time!!) This time around we only had 3 days and in retrospect adding one more day would have been perfect. This is a wild and crazy city with so much to see …

Seoul Korea with kids is better than you think

Woah. Seoul Korea blew me away in every way. Chock full of adventure, color, kind people and wonderful food, what more could you want? If you are military you must stay at the Dragon Hill Lodge, which includes a free shuttle to and from the airport. Our flight from okinawa timed perfectly for the …
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