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O Tannenbaum

One of my favorite traditions has been reinstated, cutting down our own Christmas tree!

Figs and Feathers

My fantastic mother completely knocked my socks off and sent me the aforementioned quail-fig plates I love, apparently she bought them last year off ebay...go Mom! Thanks so much, best surprise ever! The plates inspired our feathery -fig tablescape for Thanksgiving.

This is Kale, I had no idea it wa…

Wild Thing

Our nail-head zebra console table is finished, it was a family effort. My sister did the wood-work, I contact-papered it, and hubs did the nailheads!
Here's the original inspiration from Horchow for $3000

And ours for under $100

Walls are sherwin williams easychange (removable wallpaper), lamps ar…

Birthday buddies

Today is the day my sister made a grand entrance into my life and has ever since, I might add! She single-handedly crashed my very first birthday party and became the best present ever, the gift that truly keeps on giving, love you Laura. Happy Birthday irish twin!
My cake was bigger! Also diggin my…

Favorites Friday: Love-ly

Some light and love-ly images from this week, just pink and fluffy enough to lighten my load from hospital heaviness!

via thisisglamorous
via plushpalate

via audreyhepburncomplex
Looking forward to seeing hubs after a week away, relaxing, and planning that Thanksgiving meal. Have a great weekend, deari…

Bedroom inspiration

These images each carry a different element or inspiration which complete the total picture of what's becoming our master bedroom. Pictures of the room soon to follow.
color palette
faux fur throw
touch of drama
art idea
images via habituallychic, elementsofstyle, and apartment412

Fountain of Youth

Most of you know by now my undying love for those over the age of 65. This week I had the sheer pleasure of taken care of two 91 yr olds and an impressive 101 yr old at the hospital! The secret to their long life....not antioxidants, green tea, soy, or even exercise, but LOVE!! Each one shared the …

Currently Craving: Kale

With the recent rain and cold weather I'm craving hearty greens like kale! So grab a big bag of pre-washed kale at the grocery store and use it up with both of these recipes!

Substitute the kale for the chard here's the recipe
Kale's stats:
Nutrition Breakdown
Per 1 cup cooked, chopp…


Last Thanksgiving I had my eye on these fantastic quail salad plates, loved the birds, the fig, the purple, all of it. Just as I added them to my cart, poof sold out. Grrr. This year they came back and to my horror the same thing happened again, double grrr.
Dear Pottery barn, when you carry fantas…

Favorites Friday: November

I love November for so many reasons....the colors, hearty meals, birthdays (mine and my sisters) but most of all Thanksgiving! Here's some images from this week reminding me of all things November.
My first week of work went well at the hospital, a little chaotic, overwhelming, and exhausting (su…