With the recent rain and cold weather I'm craving hearty greens like kale! So grab a big bag of pre-washed kale at the grocery store and use it up with both of these recipes!

Substitute the kale for the chard here's the recipe

Kale's stats:

Nutrition Breakdown
Per 1 cup cooked, chopped:

Calories: 36 kcal
Fat: 0.52 g
Fiber: 2.6 g = 10 percent of DRI*+
Vitamin A: 885 mcg** = 126 percent of DRI
Vitamin C: 53.3 mg = 71 percent of DRI
Vitamin K: 1,062.1 mcg = 1,180 percent of DRI
Calcium: 94 mg = 9 percent of DRI
Iron: 1.1 7 mg = 7 percent of DRI

Should be a good match to combat flu season!