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I'm getting married {again}

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I'm getting married again to the same guy! Were thinking of renewing our vows on our 10th year anniversary (next summer). This time I plan on having more than one bite of my wedding cake, taking our time with pictures, having an outdoor ceremony in a vineyard with a backyard reception,…

Two teeth & cruising {7 months}

I failed to get a picture of the two teeth on the bottom, but honestly its a miracle any of these were captured. He is fast and on the move. In pure desperation I resorted to tantalizing him with the sock monkey to look at the camera. Yep, sock monkey works every time.

Favorites Friday: chirping birds

The birds were seriously singing yesterday morning, I felt like I was in a cartoon, a really good one! Let me tell you how big of a skip in my step those birds gave me. It was a huge skip and will add a click of the heels jump too because its the weekend.  Its take two for the photoshoot that didn&#…

I'm the worst at dressing little boys

We are attending my cousin's Spring wedding and you should have seen me scramble trying to figure out how to dress my boys. I'm seriously not good at it at all, of course all the antics that go with trying to dress my five yr old in things other than t shirts don't help. Thank God for s…

My secret anecdote to winter blues {guesting at Rose 'alamode}

Head over to the sweet, inspirational and fashionable Linda's blog, Rose 'alamode where you'll find some colorful replies to winter blues!

Lent experiment

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I've never felt more ready to embrace the Lent season, which may sound odd but simply I'm looking forward to a time of intentionality. Frequently I feel swept by emotions and whims which typically leads to rash decisons particularly in areas of shopping and managing time! Hopefully…

A dewy morning {photo tip about aperture}

I thought the japanese maple tree in our yard was particularly stunning one morning with all its drippy dew! So I snapped a few pictures with the 35mm prime (fixed lens) and played with the aperture setting (dial A on your DSLR camera). When you turn it to lower numbers, your letting more light in …

Favorites Friday: Umbrella needed

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It's the weekend and our Valentine's date will be had on Saturday, hip hip hooray! Husband's gonna surprise me, love surprises. Also squeezing a newborn shoot in and maybe splashing in some puddles. Some rainy day links:
A grown up nursery
Rainy day makeup
Inspiring snow pictures

John 12:49

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I have found myself on more than one occasion doing something, thinking something, or saying something that I know is not from me, but had to be the Lord. Seriously, the thought of Him using me in someway shape or form floors me. But just recently I realized its even in scripture,  "Fo…

Happy Love day

Hubs and I celebrated Valentine's Eve yesterday with flowers and some great conversation, what more could a girl want? But of course a little dinner date will be in order for this weekend and were gonna shoot for a late night and head out after the baby goes down, so smart right?  It was a light…

Huge news: My sister published in Yoga Journal magazine!

So I thought it was quite the scene when my sister strapped her Manduka yoga mat to the back of her Harley motorcycle to go to yoga practice. What a pairing, so I took a picture. That picture made it to Facebook and with the suggestion of a dear friend was sent into Manduka, who contacted us quickl…

A sweater blanket weekend

It was cold and even snowed a bit this weekend, but my trusty new sweater blanket took care of all my heating needs. Also it doubles as a nursing cover and blanket for kiddos; I love multi-tasking garments!

p.s It was on the clearance rack at Old Navy because of all the swimsuits they have out now d…

Favorites Friday: Handstands & giveaway winner

Back when I was a gymnast (I was crazy obsessed with the sport) I used to be in the 1 minute club, meaning I could hold a handstand for a whole minute, pretty sure my sister, the yogi has stolen that title now! So when I saw this room with a handstand in it, I about died. LOVE. Whimsy in a room mak…

He will not delay

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I tend to err on the side of late for most things, I'm working on it. But God,  He never delays. I heard a sermon once that talked about waiting even until the last five minutes. I love that, those last five minutes can be a crucial test of faith. So hold fast He will come through alway…

So I went to Old Navy yesterday

They are "killing it" by that I mean, "got it going on"! I went to return some items yesterday and had a hard time resisting some of their new things. Check out these goodies!

A Valentine studio session

Posting over on the photo blog today and I'm pretty behind at posting sessions, but had to share this one. For you photogs out there, these images were captured with natural light coming from my sliding doors on the left side of her face, which wasn't bad but I"m strongly considering s…

Help me design the studio!

Husband and I had some good chats this weekend. My favorite talk was over fleshing out an actual shed studio for my little photography biz! One side would host the backdrops and lighting equipment but the other would be a small seating area and the little loveseat would pull double duty as a prop f…

Favorites Friday: Little moments

If my 6 month old could speak he would say, "I got it" in other words I can do everything by myself....sit, stand, and eat! I'm just left to watch in awe and wonder, but also reminded to revel in these little fast moments.

Moms and their babies in pretty homes.
A great explanation with

A Valentine's day dress for you {shabby apple giveaway}

The kind and generous people over at Shabby Apple boutique are offering you a lovely dress, perfectly in time for Valentine's day. I knew you had nothing to wear and figured one of their darling dresses or skirts would fit the bill. To enter the giveaway there are two requirements: 1. "Like&…