Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm getting married {again}

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I'm getting married again to the same guy! Were thinking of renewing our vows on our 10th year anniversary (next summer). This time I plan on having more than one bite of my wedding cake, taking our time with pictures, having an outdoor ceremony in a vineyard with a backyard reception, and dancing the night away with children included! Sounds dreamy, right? Let the planning begin! I was inspired by this post and here's my renewing vows board on pinterest

"I am my beloved and He is mine" 
Song of Solomon 6:3


Katie Baba Nielson said...

i think this is a fabulous idea and you definitely need to do it! we have only been married 2 and a half years, but when 10 comes along, i definitely want to celebrate again with friends and family! each year on our anniversary, we renew our vows together, which has been so special and keeps our commitment strong.

Amanda said...

that sounds so romantic! And yes enjoying more than one bite of the wedding cake would be top on my list as well. So flattered to see that one of your pins on your renewing vows board was a wedding photo shoot that i styled for my photographer friend. :-)

Pounou said...

Congratulations!! renewing vows seems like the best experience and a very romantinc idea :)

Love the picture you chose. I am going to follow on Pinterest right now!

Pounou from www.pounouheartsyou.com

Amy @ Five Kinds of Happy said...

Loove that picture! Have just found you site and I'm loving it :)

Anna said...

What a lovely idea! Dreamy is a perfect word for it.

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