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Turquoise stones

Ever feel like you've been lashed by a storm?! Yeah me too. In fact, the day I arrived to California. A storm in my life I never saw coming....
I intended merely to hit the reset button when I arrived to California, but God wanted a complete rebuild. Good news....when he rebuilds it's with…

This mind-blowing home tour

On my quest for home inspiration as we set up our house in San diego, I've been perusing the oodles of home tours in blog land. This one stopped me in my tracks, wowsers!!

(from here)

San Diego home plans

Hello friends! I know its been forever! We are settling in and quickly falling in love with sunny San Diego.  San Diegans truly live outside so as I'm putting our base house together focusing on the outdoor patio space is a must ; here's my plan. (check instagram for other home progress sn…
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