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White balance makes a big difference {photo tip}

One of the many settings on your camera is white balance. This will determine the tone and color casting in your image. It plays a huge factor if you are shooting inside particularly and without flash like I prefer! Take a look and note in the top image, see the yellow color casting to his face an…

Memorial Day, Seniors, and staph infections...

Crazy title, huh? It pretty much summarizes what's been going around at my house! The boys and I had a great Memorial Day weekend despite venturing it sans Daddy and Auntie! The pool provided hours of fun and release for the kiddos and to my surprise wasn't too crowded. In the midst of tha…

Favorites Friday: Memorial Day

Summer is fast becoming my favorite season because of all the fun things happening for kiddos. But I'm feeling apprehensive about keeping up the kindergarten pace for my 5 year old all summer long, so we've made a to-do list and plan on checking it off. Promise to share that next week alon…

Bubblegum pink shorts that go with everything

Yesterday I couldn't physically blog because Bo accidentally scratched my cornea, wowzers that hurt! So today calls for a light and fluffy fashion post, specifically pink shorts! They somehow magically go with most items, almost like a neutral. I'm all for items that can work with everythi…

10 months {walking}

The inevitable has happend, Boaz started walking actually around 9 1/2 months....seriously crazy baby. This one wastes no time. Here he is in all his superhero glory! This is that picture, you know the one you show to his future wife!

Walking video:

When things go "wrong"

When the shed came it arrived in large pieces and was to be assembled on site. However we have an impossible driveway that even trained athletes are challenged by; were talking steep and extremely curvy. So when the truck couldn't make it up and the shed was a no-go, my disappointment was evid…

Look who moved in next door!

Did I mention we live in the country?! Aren't they beautiful!

Workshop teaser picture

The workshop was a blast this weekend, but now my to-do list is a mile long. So off I go to tackle it! Happy Monday! (We did a bohemian rhapsody themed shoot!)

The most perfect lips

Isn't he a dreamboat? Editing away today, Happy Thursday!

The girl-cave plan

Ok, this is the last inspiration board for the studio-shed, promise. It arrives next week so the plans are finalized, items have been ordered and sessions scheduled! To the person who invented vinyl wood flooring, thank you so much and to Spoonflower and CWD textiles, your fabric is stunning!

Unforgettable Bruschetta

I made this once then had to go get more ingredients because I craved it so badly the next day. Yep, its that good. Your welcome, recipe here.

An unexpected outfit

Our date nights have been pretty far and few between with husband's crazy schedule, but last night my sister treated us to a night out and somehow I threw these two colors together and it worked! Mint green and carmel brown, who knew?!

Clickin for a cause {photography workshop that fights injustice}

So excited to finally announce a photography workshop! This photography workshop was put together out of Mom's asking me how to work all the buttons on their camera! I am in no way a professional, but have spent countless hours online pouring over how to work my DSLR camera in hopes of getting…
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