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Have I ever told you about the time when I was in first grade and I lied to my Mom pretending I couldn't see just to get glasses?! To her embarrassment the optometrist denied my need for glasses and I still have perfect vision to this day. Yep, true story! Problem is I still want glasses, a pai…

Best home tour ever

Saw this jaw-dropping home yesterday on Style at home and fell in love. Such creative mixes, textures, and furniture pieces, so inspiring!

Q town

Have I mentioned my love of downtowns? They are a dying breed, but are making a strong comeback and I support them 100%. Q-town is the closest to us and recently opened a tasty sushi restaurant called "Tokyo" and even if raw fish grosses you out they have plenty of soba noodles, yakisoba,…

Favorites Friday: Florals

So inspired this week by the blooming forsythia and cherry blossoms dotting the northern Virginia landscape, which also found their way into fashion and design.
via papertissue
Number one goal for spring: bike riding via audreyhepburncomplex
Jcrew's april catalog is riddled with beautiful blossoms…

God's growth chart

image via audreyhepburncomplex
Lately I've had alot of challenges with Gideon....don't be fooled by all the glossy images on this blog!! While he is bright, energetic, and loving at times, the other half of the time he is trying and rebellious!! These words by John Ortberg from the Mt.Ararat…

If my sister were a room

My sister just returned from India where she was practicing ashtanga yoga and if she were a room it would look like this; earthy tones, indian accents, and an ethnic rug!
image via anthropologie
Laura, were so glad your back!

Grocery store dress

Would you believe I bought this dress at an Okinawan grocery store? Yep, inside the grocery store they have small boutiques with pretty cute clothes, how I miss Okinawa! Adam loves it too and snapped some pics before we went to Church on Sunday.

Pardon the expression a huge bug was flying at me!


Meet Luz, the Argentinian beauty turned 31 and we were there to celebrate! It was a great time with her friends from all around the world to contribute to potluck on the Potomac river. In fact, we sang Happy birthday to her in five different languages, so cool; spanish, turkish, polish, english, an…

Favorites Friday: Power

I've run into some powerful things this week:
Power of Love- there is none greater.
Power of home-there's no place like it!
Power of color-Spring is blooming, the colors are just brillant.
Power of sisters- my sister is back from India and Im thrilled to pieces, welcome home Laura!
Power of God-…