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San Francisco Part Deux

Here's a bit of a late entry, the remainder of our San Francisco trip, our computer access is still patchy, so bear with my late email returns, sorry...only 2 more weeks till the house is complete! (pictures forthcoming!)

Uncle Chris

John Muir Woods

Uncle Johnny

Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Gideon h…

Where'd my Birthday Go?

I am asked this question about five times a day by my almost three year old! Seeing as how we are still homeless until August 14 (when our house is complete) which is just two mere days before August 16 (Gideon's famed birthday) not so sure how I'm gonna swing a party for my anxious lil one…


Fully embracing Coco&Kelly's blog challenge: choosing a vacation spot, I naturally gravitate off the beaten path when choosing a place. Experiencing a culture of an exotic land with emerald beaches and a people beckoning of another time define my pick, the island of Zanzibar off Tanzania, A…

Shades of Gray

Got gray on my mind, having just selected a nice slate tone for our home siding! I think of gray as soothing and gentle, definantly seeking more of those qualities in my life! What do you think of gray?? Too somber? Take a look:

images via decorpad and elements of style, markham Roberts, and Jamie B…

Our Day {in pics}

Yesterday was so unbelievably FULL, that I had to illlustrate it for you in pictures.....
First we began with loading and moving stuff out of Dad's house onto the Uhaul trailer for the  150 mile trek to our storage unit. I am now fully convinced that having more stuff equals more work! (not a fa…

Wild Goose Chase

I'm in the midst of an extroadinary read, teeming with wonderful spiritual insight and nuggets of wisdom. Normally I don't lean towards "spiritual self helps" if you will but this feels more like a rollercoaster ride at God's amusement park. The author Mark Batterson says &quo…

Navy and Mustard

Still tweaking the color palette for our new place! I'm lovin these images of navy and mustard....whose with me?!

Via potterybarn

A gorgeous wedding in navy and mustard.

Via decorpad

Via decorpad

Then I spotted this great lamp at target on clearance..go now!!

One of my favorit…

Weekend to-do list

This weekend I plan on hanging with my lil sister, not lil by much, we share the same birthday separated by just a year! I absolutely adore her!

Hope to check out the local seafood festival....delish!

Cool off by the pool..,

And finish packing out my dad's home(super super sad...)

Hope everyone ha…

Home tour: Crazy creative

Found this imaginative creative home on ( Id link ya but haven't been able to figure that out on my iPhone yet!) Its chock full of Diy's and resalvaged furniture... right up my alley! Enjoy.

Love this stripey powder room!

A shower door made out of road signs, not my cup of tea…
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