I am asked this question about five times a day by my almost three year old! Seeing as how we are still homeless until August 14 (when our house is complete) which is just two mere days before August 16 (Gideon's famed birthday) not so sure how I'm gonna swing a party for my anxious lil one. Typically I thrive on parties and have a theme, decorations, food, and the such all picked out, but our hotel living has worn me out (since June 15) and I'm on empty until I came across this delightful photo this morning:

Dare I say a theme has been born! Eric Carle's "The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book" just so happens to be one of Gideon's favorites and falls perfectly in line with his bug catchin fetish lately!! Now, all we have to do is invite the neighbors and I believe you could call it a PARTAY!!! (Any volunteers for baking the above cupcakes?!)