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A Stitch in Time

Great Kokeshi doll fabric, Ive seen this in a adorable burp cloth. I am perfectly in love with the current bird trend in the design world and here's the fabric paying homage to it!
Obsessed with damask, especially this modern version with animals in the mix!!
Pretty floral
Funky ikat fabric pillow

Beauty for Ashes

My favorite thing about the Christian life is the great exchange that takes place between us and Christ. Essentially we trade our rags for His riches, our sin for His righteousness, our weakness for strength. This concept continues to baffle and surprise me in the best of ways. Considering the ever…

Online Finds

Again still in decorating mode, here are some great online finds with a great price tag as well! Love this idea, just take any old map and cut it into many squares with frames, creating a group. Im in love with this art by a children's author, this will be in Gideon's room for sure.
Artichoke …

Eye Candy

Boy's room. lovin the damask/animal wall paper.
Can't get over the owl and gorgeous stools

Gwenyth Paltrow's daughter, apple's room.

The wall color with these chairs, divine.

This fish bowl stopped me in my tracks....soooo cool
Hello, awesome faux antler chandelier and cutie birds on the…

Okinawa Memory Quilt

Here it is at long is finished, well sort of, I still have the monumental task of putting it together....arrrggghhh!!! This is the project that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends... Below are the glorious captions of all the okinawa memory quilt squares crafted together by my d…
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