Boy's room. lovin the damask/animal wall paper.
Can't get over the owl and gorgeous stools

Gwenyth Paltrow's daughter, apple's room.

The wall color with these chairs, divine.

This fish bowl stopped me in my tracks....soooo cool
Hello, awesome faux antler chandelier and cutie birds on the table...wonder if i can make that chandelier?

One of my many assorted interests includes a massive obsession with interior design. These captions feature the envy of my eye, a beautiful blend of traditional furnishings mixed with modern and contemporary design. The fish bowl on the wall, brillant!!! I just found the exact replica at the Japanese homestore!!!! (Gideon's first pet!?) The faux antler chandelier.....divine!! Must be my texas roots kickin know, texan by marriage!! I may not have a house to call my home, but dreaming up designs for make-believe rooms has been a recent fun past time!!!