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Confessions of a broken heart

So here I am at the brink of new beginnings, a new building (our home), and blessing beyond measure and yet the nagging sadness remains. You could never  prepare for the merciless blow of losing a loved one, whether you see it coming or not -death has no consideration. I know so many can relate bec…

inspiration rooms

Here's some rooms I'm drawing inspiration from for our new bungalow!
Lovin these white kitchens, although I know I'm asking for it with a my messy 2 yr old! Currently looking for a cheaper version of those industrial light pendants for over the island!

Hello gorgeous bar chairs!

Also can…

Rambler Love

After viewing 16 sad-looking homes (mostly foreclosures) that needed more work then we could afford, we chose to build our own on 1 acre, 5 miles from Quantico Marine Corps Base in Stafford, Va!!! Adam was sold at 1 acre!
Our rambler is a two level home with 3 bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms in t…

First home jitters

We are about to embark on a major life milestone, buying our first home! I'm a big fan of learning from other's mistakes, so please share any comments, stories, anecdotes about purchasing a home we could learn from...ya know...."knowing what you know now" type thing.

Pretty in Pink

I'd never be bold enough to dabble in pink particularly with a Marine hubby, but these spaces make me think twice! Check em out!

Lovin these girly rooms

Images via domino magazine (now out of business) from flickr

Sittin on the dock of the bay

San Francisco turns out to be a great place to wear off jet-lag, particularly with the barking seals on pier 39.

Airstream Love

My irish twin sister has a love affair with airstreams, so I had to post these droolworthy photos in her honor! Look how ridiculously cute, practical, and chic!! The airsteam is back and better then ever....Laura, I'd buy you one in a heartbeat and we could gallivant across the country together…

faux bamboo chairs

These chairs are plastered all over design blogs and I'm completely jumping on the faux bamboo chair bandwagon!

Ebay finds that I'd love to purchase and reupholster.

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