Monday, June 29, 2009

inspiration rooms

Here's some rooms I'm drawing inspiration from for our new bungalow!
Lovin these white kitchens, although I know I'm asking for it with a my messy 2 yr old!
Currently looking for a cheaper version of those industrial light pendants for over the island!

Hello gorgeous bar chairs!

Also can't get enough of gray and gold lately!

images via nate berkus, domino, velvet&linen, angie harnowsky, hgtv, and decorpad


The Southern Lady said...

I love your inspiration kitchens-especially the top one. I'll tell you a mother to a nine year old and now a one year old, I've given up on being afraid of things that they might mess up. Touch up paint, Mr. Clean scrubbers, Resolve-they work miracles. I say go for it and enjoy the house you make into a home with your family. And since I neglected to say so before, welcome back to the USA!

Hunter Douglas said...

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