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The bump in a fancy dress

The weekend kicked off with us locked out of our house, nothing like a quick run to home depot for a screw driver to pick locks! Then the "dining out" which was our makeup for the cancelled ball was a great time, rowdy as to be expected with marines and their antics! Lots of toasting, roa…

Favorites friday: All dolled up

Remember when our Marine Corps Ball got cancelled? Well, it sort of got rescheduled for this weekend! So I will be adorning my bump with an empire waisted gown and enjoying some fancy festivities complete with dinner and dancing, joy!
image here
Other fun links:
Banana split brownies, genius.

Newborn photoshoot {kiki & mimi photography}

Yep, I pretty much died and went to heaven while shooting this little bundle of joy. She slept, smiled, stretched, and looked way too precious modeling these adorable hats!

Her momma's friend has an etsy shop where this adorable owl hat was made, over here.
I can not get over that smile with the …

Unconventional baby room inspiration board

This room is overtly more adult then baby which is on purpose! Essentially were just moving the crib into our very small guest room, then moving it out once he's sleeping well and into Gideon's bunk beds. I've had the hardest time decorating/finshing this room so I doubt it will end up …

Kiddo goodies

Gideon has been growing like a weed so in my search for a growth charts I came across some other goodies as well!
Love this growth chart and you can choose your colors via janeymacpress
Onesie stickers to track your baby's growth through the first year via purplepossum
If I was having a girl these…

An eventful weekend

The weekend started off with my husband surprising me with a new 11 inch macbook air, yes, best surprise ever. Also, we made lots of lasagna, a tree fell in our backyard (no worries my sister is pretty fierce with a chainsaw), and I made three trips to Lowes on an account of paint! Pretty eventful,…

Favorites Friday: Warm & happy

Were in a bit of a heat wave here in Northern Virginia and all my winter blues are poof gone! I can't begin to tell you the joy the weather is putting in my step currently, glorious!
image here
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This pink and poppy home tour
Got the new iphone 4 and loving this cas…

Divine detours

image here
Have you ever been sure of your direction only to be halted by a closed door? I have plenty of times as well as some of my friends recently. Its really hard to be face to face with a solid closed door and no open windows. My husband calls these lighthouse moments, where instead of feeling…

Our dining room

Here it is at long last!! This room took the longest to finish, but I think its my favorite! I've thought about lining that back of that bamboo china cabinet with a wallpaper, we will see! It's mostly done for now!

This was actually a TV stand I found in the trash when we lived in Okinawa! I…

The bump on a date

Our weekend included some baby bump pictures, yummy sushi, a married event at church, and ended with strawberry cupcakes. I'd happily do it all over again!
{19 weeks!}

I know sushi is one of those no-no's when your pregnant, but I stay away from the fish high in mercury....I just can't st…

Favorites Friday: Pretty in pink

Currently blogging in my puffy coat down in the basement because its that cold down here! Weekend agenda includes fixing our laptop hard drive, making valentine's day cards, and a romantic date for long last! So here's to that lovey dovey holiday...

images here
And some pretty links…

My 9 preggo essentials

First and foremost thank you for all the loving comments, as soon as my husband fixes our hard- drive, I will be paying a visit to all your beautiful blogs! Thought I'd share 9 items getting me through the second trimester! I've bypassed any nausea, but the cold sore monster has come with a…

Big news {the life-changing kind!}

We're expecting!!! We are super excited to welcome another boy into our family! Pictured above are the ultrasound pictures and Gideon's big brother happy dance! To answer some of the questions I get asked on a daily basis: I'm feeling well, am 18 weeks along and will post pictures of th…

Favorites Friday: Golden

This weekend husband will be off on a retreat (weather permitting) so I'm feeling inspired by golden glittery and girly things this weekend! A shimmery pedicure, some comfort pasta, and believing God for some answered prayer!

Sparkle gold nail polish via sephora

Sometimes its just as simple as b…

Wanna see some cute kid rooms?

I love when people think outside the box for kids rooms.
Pink and orange are nonconventional colors for a girl room, but make a dreamy impact. 
I love everything about this eclectic room, so fun.
This boy room steals the show, check out that wallpaper!

images via adorehomemagazine

Moment markers

image here

This past Sunday our Pastor challenged us to mark our moments by using objects to remember the prayers the Lord has answered, major milestones, life-changing moments, and even small miracles. So when we look back we won't forget what the Lord has done for us. I got to thinking about m…

Happy color

I came across this image yesterday at decorista and stared a good while at that art piece thinking how I could replicate it?! I LOVE all the colors and its graphic nature, I bet you could find some sort of stencil and overlap them and come pretty close to this look. But what I'm really taken wi…
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