Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My 9 preggo essentials

First and foremost thank you for all the loving comments, as soon as my husband fixes our hard- drive, I will be paying a visit to all your beautiful blogs! Thought I'd share 9 items getting me through the second trimester! I've bypassed any nausea, but the cold sore monster has come with a vengeance and my circulation is failing miserable in this cold weather.....pregnant women are supposed to be hot all the time, right?! Not me! Please feel free to share any pregnancy products you love!

1. Essie nail polish-{mango bango} any splash of color to make you feel pretty is an instant pick-me-up.
2.Fresh Sugar Lychee lotion- love this product line and lychees remind of our time in Okinawa, washing my hands at the hospital a million times a day plus the winter has really taken a toll on my hands.
3. Mama Bee Body oil- I put this in the bath and the oil really helps my dryness.
4. Perfect prenatal vitamins- Organic prenatals with all the vitamins and minerals plus a dose of organic food too.
5. Sweatshirt-This is my uniform so far....loose, comfortable, and warm.
6.Preggo skinny jeans- These are stretchy with an expandable waist and go with everything.
7. La mer watch- This one is on my wish list for quite some time, but knowing the time with my preggo brain is essential. I can't believe how absent-minded these hormones make me, yikes! 
8.Colorful scarf- Again a dose of color plus warmth is a win-win.
9. Leather messenger bag- I've made the switch to the across the body bag, it stays on me better and could work as a diaper bag too!


elle said...

great and beautiful choices. i really like the essie nail polish color and the scarf. i am not pregnant so i don't use the vitamins but my sisters usually use the organics one and they help. Congratulations on your pregnancy and may God give you an easy and healthy pregnancy.


Pedaling Designs said...

Did you buy that messenger bag on your blog? I'm a committed messenger bag girl. After knocking Selah in the head a few times, I had to make the switch. My shoulders are too rounded for a regular shoulder bag. I'm in the hunt for a new winter one. I'm still using my Hong Kong special. Despite it only costing $10 it is still holding up. Also, I'd love to find that Lychee lotion. As soon as I read Lychee I thought of Okinawa. - Rebecca

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