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Favorites Friday: Baby bliss

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This week I spent many countless quiet hours staring at my precious newborn, he's a lil dreamboat I tell you! Big thanks to my husband, sister, and dear friends who've manned Gideon for me and dropped off such beautiful meals and gifts. I'm humbled and grateful.
Some fun links f…

I really like these

See that basket in the corner under the window? I've loved it for a long while now, but not so much the price point! They are perfect for hiding toys, clutter, or any other rogue items in your house!

Now, west elm offers a very close look-a-like at a pretty good price and furbish offers a p…

A bug and a boy

The adventures of Gideon and the does this kid love bugs and dirt! Can anyone else with boys relate?

p.s little camera tip with kiddos.....follow them around first before you ask for any posed photos, makes them a little more cooperative and truth be told I LOVE candids best every…

In the delivery room: Boaz's birth story

Thank you again for all the wonderful emails I've received and continue to get, I'm working my way through them and promise to respond soon! Without further adieu, on Tuesday July 19th at 0645 am we were induced and Boaz arrived (finally) at 1050pm that night! Yep, none of my kiddos wanna c…

The it list

Hey everyone! Were home and in complete baby bliss even in my sleepy stupor! He is such a little dream, thank you again for all you sweet words and prayers, so grateful!Check out all the weekend links:
Happy Friday peeps! I hope you are staying cool these days... stay inside and discover some great …

He is here!

Boaz dominick Johns born July 19, 2011! 7lbs 10 oz 20 inches long and perfectly healthy, praise the Lord!
More photos and birth story to come, we are in total love with him!
Thank you for all your prayers, felt every single one!
Xoxo, Maria

Gearing up for Gideon's birthday party

Its been two years since I've really thrown gideon a sufficient birthday party, so for his fifth were gonna go fishing! I'm thinking photobooth, fabric fishing game, owl pinata, smores on a stick....the whole nine yards; plus real live fishing off the pier too! Here's some of my inspira…

Earthy crunchy nursery

So many of my dear friends are expecting too, so I can't stop thinking about nurseries!! This is a gender neutral nursery filled with many of my favorite things, definitely has an ethnic vibe. I started with the ikat stencil inspired from this amazing dining room, perfect for an accent wall or …

This is what overdue looks like!

Well, here we are still waiting, but only a day longer! Tomorrow is induction day, which I have mixed feelings about, while I can't wait to meet this guy I'd rather have it on my own terms! Since we went this route with our first I know what to expect in general (evil pitocin!) Nonetheless,…

The it list

Happy weekend, I'm gonna be soaking up my last days with just Gideon before Bo arrives (maybe this weekend?) Also planning on finishing a house project, relaxing at the pool, and well trying to have a baby! Have a lovely one, dearies!

Happy Friday folks! I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned…


Big huge thanks to Nester over at the where she featured my home, I'm so humbled and delighted! Check out her amazing site and some pictures of her drool-worthy home:

And to Ohdeedoh for featuring Boaz's nursery (who by the way is still cooking!) Ohdeedoh is a great site for kid f…

H&M inspired wardrobe

Somebody please tell h&m to ship to the states!

Our day in Georgetown

My sister and I finally made it up to Georgetown motivated purely by the Lush (bath & soap) store and cupcakes! See those balls on the right...they are bath bombs and pure heaven in a tub. My kiddo loves them because they turn the water different colors! All their products are handmade, ethicall…
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