Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our day in Georgetown

My sister and I finally made it up to Georgetown motivated purely by the Lush (bath & soap) store and cupcakes!
See those balls on the right...they are bath bombs and pure heaven in a tub. My kiddo loves them because they turn the water different colors! All their products are handmade, ethically sourced, and green; such a great company.

We will be back, rest assured.

Cupcakes at "baked and wired"

Awesomely pink bike in front of baked & wired.

Macaroons at Dean&Deluca.

What better way to end our day then with Paradiso Pizzeria (brick oven pizza) is there any better?


Noelle said...

What beautiful photos!! Found your blog on The Nester, what an awesome home you have too!!!

Anna said...

Do you know I've never had a macaron? Shameful, I know! I love your pics of your excursion.

MJ said...

We just ate at Paradiso Pizzeria a few weeks ago when we were visiting family in Va! Their pizza is delish.

Anna said...

amazing pics, the food is drool-worthy!

paula said...

Such gorgeous photos! and well, you are quite stunning too. Baby yet?!?!

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