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The reflector

I'm still here but buried under photos! No complaints though capturing families and kiddos for their Christmas cards has been loads of fun not to mention a great learning experience for me. There's even talk of a studio shed, how cool/cute would that be...don't get me started! The decor…

Our birthday picture plus turkey links

Today was the day my sister crashed my birthday! Yep, we are born on the same day one year apart, quite the miraculous feat my mom did experience some 30 plus years ago today ! Go mom, love you. My one and only quest today was to update this picture:
 I'm the one on the right with the boring str…

Chaplain Corps Ball and my amazon dress!

The Chaplain Corps Ball was a pretty unforgettable night. From the location to the speech to the dinner. Hoping we get invited next year! And my gown was a last minute find on amazon of all places! Not bad, right?!

On the move {4 months}

Make it stop! He's growing so fast and trying to crawl?! Crazy baby man!

Note, how he's not on the playmat. Yes that would be him inchworming his way onto the carpet!

Favorites Friday: November

Its already the middle of November! This season is craziness, trying to find ways to slow down. This happens to be my favorite month not just because of turkey but also birthday month for my sister and I! This weekend, the photoshoots continue as well as much needed family time.

I snapped this pictur…

4 monkeys jumping on the bed

Between husband's ever increasing sore back and frequent little visitors in our bed, we're considering upgrading to a king! Here's a few that have caught my eye.

Thoughts, opinions?!

Beans & greens in less then 10 minutes

I know this doesn't look that exciting, but I promise your mouth will thank me. Grab a sack of green beans throw it in the microwave for 5 minutes then combine with white beans, pecorino cheese, and heat up some garlic with rosemary then pour over beans and voila! Recipe here.

Pedaling designs giveaway winner

I'm in weekend recovery mode, but had a great time taking pictures this weekend and editing like a crazy person. Back tomorrow with one of our weekend discoveries! Head here to see the pictures!
Giveaway winner:

Lanay said...

My favorite is the green trendy!  Congrats Lanay, Ill shoot you…

Favorites Friday: Photo op

This weekend I have 4 photoshoots, eeeek! Excited and slightly overwhelmed. Here's one more requested family outfit idea with a woodland theme geared toward an expecting mama!

Fav links of the week:
Making your own chevron fabric
Pencil skirts never go out of style
Pretty headboard
I am a Christian

Our fall front porch plus a reminder

I'm kinda picky about wreaths, but this one is from my dad's house and I actually love it! Wreath requirements for my door are they most resemble nature. So this is our fall set up including the green rain boots I wear down to the bus stop each morning! Yes, I fully support decorating with …

The day that changed my life forever

Three years ago today was the day we lost him. I still can't believe it. He was the most invincible man and extraordinary doctor I knew, but more then that he was my Dad. There's still so much I want to tell him and even find myself doing things to make him proud. He was tough in life, a se…

Get your craft on

I just booked our Christmas flight to Texas so now my mind is all a flurry with what I'm gonna make for Christmas presents this year. Typically I do something small and handmade for family and friends. In years past I've bottled my marinara sauce and sugared pecans.  Here's some inspirat…

Ball review

This year the ball was a bit of a debacle. The hour and a half traffic we sat in on the way there coupled with frequent trips to our hotel room to nurse my baby made it tricky! No worries though we still enjoyed time with each other and have one more ball to attend!  And the rent the runway dress fi…

Favorites Friday: Happy Birthday Marine Corps

This is the Ball weekend, my friends! My rent the runway dress comes in the mail today, here's to hoping it fits! I'll try and document with pictures every step of the way. 

Other fun links:
Mix and match video
Pipe cleaners wrapping
Bible emergency numbers
This is so true
Cheers to the weekend, …

Who needs Christmas cards? {Pedaling designs giveaway}

Today Pedaling designs is giving away a set of 25 gorgeous Christmas cards. Just leave me a comment of your favorite and make sure your a follower then consider yourself entered! Giveaway winner will be choose next week. Good Luck!

Chains folded card
Blue ikat
Green ikat
Joy & Cheer
Romance card
P.S …

A fisherman and his crab {our halloween}

We had a great time trick or treating, its so fun to see all the costumes and collect candy! Hope yours was full of treats too!

Happy November!
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