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Favorites Friday: Heading down south

I'm beyond excited for our trip to Ft. Worth Texas (we went last year too). Husband works away at an aviator's conference while we go and play! We will be hitting the same stops as last time....the zoo, stockyards, and maybe the botanical gardens too. I'm meeting my best friend at the d…

My calling

image via thehopemovement
Have I ever shared why I became a nurse? Well, I wanted to be a missionary in some third world country as a nurse where I could make a practical and spiritual impact! So how has that panned out? I did do a few medical missions trip, but ultimately felt awful going and leavi…

6 month baby bump

Moving right along with our baby journey! In fact, I actually got my due date moved up to July 3rd, how great is that?! My cravings have gone from salty to sweet and wow do I have a mover and shaker in there, yikes!

Spring photo shoot

What a great weekend full of flowery blooms, easter eggs, and a great dinner with the girls! We are gearing up for spring pictures and I couldn't be more thrilled to be outside hunting down the best blooms for picture-taking opportunities!! Stay tuned for the Washington D.C's famous cherry …

Favorites Friday: Red

Red is popping up everywhere lately including budding trees! It's really putting a spring to my step.
Adore these red pants via the lovely emersonmade
Red in the bathroom will wake you up!
 Red under the shoe is a nice surprise
 Frozen grapes, how refreshing. All other images via Pinterest

The most p…

Family friendly house tour

Here's another fun, bright, and colorful home that's family friendly. They did a ton of diy's and thrift shopping, but you would never know!

This is an ikea kitchen but with carrera marble countertops and glass mosiac backsplash.
They simply wallpapered a section of their wall and framed …

Meet some DIY rockstars

So when I do a DIY in my home I honestly have no idea whether it will work or not! Well, remember my zebra console table?

Heather used my console table tutorial to achieve her fabulously glam nail head console table: I love how she styled it with the art underneath and the parrot piece on top, so cre…

Faith revelation plus a broken heart

Finishing up our Bible study on the life of David, I've come away with an amazing truth: Faith should not be based on what God does or doesn't do, but on who He is. Wow. This is pretty life-changing for me and the way I look at faith.  In light of faith and hope, I'm devastated along wit…

Weekend review

It was a fun and full weekend. We kicked it off with these colossal donuts from shoppers grocery store, I assure you rainbow sprinkles and chocolate really are the best way to start anything.

Next was what I call our fake spring photo shoot, fake due to the 47 degree temperature that morning and the…

Favorites friday: Spring awakening

Really really looking forward to this weekend, its been raining two days straight and our weekend is calling for sunshine. Looking forward to seeing husband after two weeks gone, doing a spring photoshoot, and a mardi-gras themed party sunday!
Looking for inspiration with pictures head over to the h…

Meet my $45 rocking chair

I found this rocking chair at a antique store for $45 bucks, score! I fell in love with the cane back and rad red color. Finished it off by" reupholstering" the seat made from tablecloth fabric; never underestimate great fabric found in tablecloths, curtains, and sheets! This newly furbis…

What I'm giving up

image here
Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. I'll be giving up shopping, which is my ongoing vice. I"m looking forward to the next 40 days in preparation of Easter and reminding myself in our consumer-driven culture that I can say NO because I have a deeper YES!

Meet Annabelle {Kiki & Mimi photography}

Had the pleasure of meeting this sweet newborn yesterday, what a gem! Go here for more of her cotton candy goodness!

Spring break packing list

In attempts to streamline my wardrobe and make things more simplistic, my goal is to mix, match, and coordinate in efforts to reduce and reuse. So my packing list for spring break ( Ft.worth Texas!) is a small coordinating list that takes the guess-work out of dressing!

Favorites friday: Etsy finds

Camping out on the couch with my sick kiddo defintely leads to excessive online shopping, particularly on etsy! Look what I found:
Gearing up for our spring photoshoots and this garland will be perfect via vintagelove
Got one of these in a bow-tie form for G, super adorable via butteredtoast

Just orde…

Lessons in photography

I'm still a total novice, but thought I'd share some things I've learned along the way about my beloved camera! I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark II and its total love. I did start with a nikon D60 and can say nikons are equally amazing. Honestly I've learned the most about my DSLR from …
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