Great Kokeshi doll fabric, Ive seen this in a adorable burp cloth.
I am perfectly in love with the current bird trend in the design world and here's the fabric paying homage to it!
Obsessed with damask, especially this modern version with animals in the mix!!
Pretty floral
Funky ikat fabric pillow
Cutie seahorses
Another form of damask, LOVE.

funky pink ikat

So here's the thing, I can safely stitch a straight line with my sewing machine and that's about it. I have a full on jealously of those who are skilled in the line of seams and stitches! I blame it soley on the home-ec teacher who taught us how to sew a pillow and nothing more... what's up with that? So I am left to fend for myself as an adult and my ongoing desire to utilize fantastic fabric as showcased above...arrrggghhh!