Our Christmas....I can't remember a more quiet, perfect day. We opened presents, ate (alot), played with new toys, rode bikes, prayed, and cuddled. Really and truly, Christmas bliss.

Bo happily rolling around in wrapping paper, I love him.

I can't begin to tell you the ways they entertain and laugh each other, best sounds in the world.

Our Christmas table, we had lobster thermidor with sweet mashed potatoes, asparagus, and cranberries.

Spinach and artichoke puffs.

New monster hat.

We rode bikes in our driveway, isn't my green schwinn darling?

My sister rides much faster than me!

Bo's favorite place on earth is at the bottom of the Christmas tree looking up!

I thought I cuddle with him there and check out the view too!

Our triple berry "Happy Birthday Jesus" pie.
Hope yours was merry too!