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Charlottesville: the wedding

The groom and my husband are long time friends from flight school. While the wedding was tiny in size it was bright in color and tradition, so lovely. I couldn't get over the hydrangeas and historic church, breathtaking.


  1. It looks like a great event. You look amazing in that yellow dress. And I love your perfectly messy side bun. I need a tutorial, now that my hair is getting longer, I don't know what to do with it!

  2. Everything looks beautiful!
    I love your dress and headband, perfect for a summer wedding.


  3. A+ Blog post. Way to really bounce back from some recent posts which critics gave a more lukewarm reception. This one builds on your strengths and also explores new territory for you thematically.

  4. Love the yellow-purple combo she did. And I might be inspired to find some Joy letters for a space on my walls - what a simple and powerful idea! You are lovely as always. Great touch with the headband! ~ Taryn

  5. Oh, that dress! Love, love, the asymmetrical burst at the neckline ... not to mention that the color looks splendid on you!

  6. stunning photos ... looks like a wonderful wedding.

  7. Thank you for featuring us on your blog! I love your narrative and have shared the link with our friends and family. It's so gratifying to read your thoughts on our ceremony: tradition and simplicity splashed with vibrant pops of summer color were exactly what we were trying to convey! I'm proud to have inspired you!

    Becca (the Bride!)


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