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Baby products that make your life easier {4-6 months}

1.Baby Bjorn travel crib- Our packnplay finally died and I say good riddance! The bottom was so hard and that thing was such a mess to open and close. So behold this travel crib comes complete with soft mattress weighs 11 pounds and takes 20 seconds to open. The only downside is the steep price point, but we travel alot so I felt it was worth the money.
2. Bo is in the pull up to stand on everything phase, kind of a nightmare for me because once he's standing then he tries to walk and falls. But this toy keeps him occupied while standing and what kid doesn't love a ball?
3.When we lived in Okinawa they had amazing baby products like this which is essentially tupperware for babies. I'm a Mom on the go and these work great for storing baby food as well as little snacks plus it all fits in my purse, perfect.
4. I've professed my love for these crib shoes before, but I wanted to mention specifically I buy mine at target, not the expensive brand. Also, if you can't find the cute designs in store, check online.
5. This baby food is genius. Not only are the flavors amazing like spinach, pears, and peas but its organic and the contaniner closes with zero mess. Hallelujah.
6. Meet the to-go spoon. Put your baby food in the purple end, screw the spoon cap on, and voila your out the door, so brilliant.


  1. I love all these but just had to share that they make spoon tops that screw right onto those baby food pouches now! They work so wonderfully!

  2. Great products! The Baby Bjorn travel crib is on sale on Gilt today!

  3. Good morning from L.A.!

    Maria, I've always thought it was amazing how much baby products changed between each of my children. Granted, there's an 8 year gap, but even three years after Jackson was born the progress astounds me. Love the list! I hope you and your sweet family are well and enjoying the New Year!!



  4. So glad to finally see a travel crib that you can actually travel with. Ours is so heavy, big and particular!

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