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Casting vision #2 {I need an allowance}

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Sometimes its good to return of the teenager years of allowances and accountability. I'm very good at spending money without batting much of an eye and need to put a stop to that stat. So my solution is putting myself on an allowance, where I have an actual card that has a set amount of money on it per month and when its out of money then I'm out of money! Of course my card is cute and pink every little bit  of encouragement helps! My husband always says we need to spend less so we can give more, so true.


  1. those cards a super cute, my concern in using one for myself is that what is there stopping me from continually loading more $$ on it? Have you and your husband ever done Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University? Our church is on it's third round of hosting the class and it's amazing!! It's a zero balance budget and you use a cash system in envelopes, you budget in your "blow money" for the month after making sure that all of your other "needs" are taken care of. It's a great program!!

  2. okay, why am I just hearing about it. Love it and will be doing my homework and studying the "fine print" tonight! And wise words from your husband!


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