I know I know I'm already talking about Christmas and its not even October, but I'm booked from here to Christmas with family photo shoots! So excited! The number one question I get is what I should I wear especially when it comes to dressing the whole family, quite the task. Here's what I suggest, don't match. The more layering, textures, colors, and interest you can create for the camera the better the picture. Pick a color palette like I did going with brown, red, and pinks and coordinate everyone! Don't be afraid of pattern, colors, and accessories.

Everything here is Old Navy.
By the way I love doing these boards, so if you 'd like one for your family shoot me an email and I'll happily oblige!
Oh and I threw in the umbrella because we've been getting very wet here in Northern Virginia and you can have lots of fun with a prop like an umbrella, don't be afraid of cloudy skies!