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Out of whack

So incredibly thankful to be returning to some normalcy today after a seemingly long spring break. Did anybody else run out of ways to keep their kiddos entertained like after the first day?!
 Lately I've been a bit swamped with pictures, allergies, and trying to figure out ways to continually keep my high-flying extra energetic and spirited 5 year old tame. It's sort of like that overwhelmed feeling you get at Christmas time because your overspent and stressed out, not good. Then I took a long drive (due to traffic!) into D.C for a photo shoot and blasted the worship music and bam instant therapy, long overdue. Need more of that and Him please....that's the problem. I'm on the throne and He's not. 
Time to hit the reset button.
And because we can't have a post without a picture, here's a fresh gorgeous newborn straight from heaven! Happy Monday, friends.


  1. I totally get this! My husband was actually in DC with a handful of 8th graders on the annual DC trip and I manned the single mom job over our spring break. Of course my visions of playing outside endlessly and enjoying the spring weather turned into unexpected storms and a baby with an ear infection. I went straight to the word and it filled my soul. So glad He's there to catch us when we feel so overwhelmed.


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