Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My greatest failure

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Fasten your seat belts because this is a good story! So back when I was in College right after I was accepted into the Nursing program I interviewed for the Resident Assistant position (RA). To my sheer delight I got the position and my people loving self rejoiced! I loved being the go-to girl for 53 ladies in the dorm, but the microbiology and pathophysiology courses I was taking at the same time didn't quite garner the same affection. So I failed both courses. My Dad who was paying for  my College tuition to my surprise and utter horror stopped paying and I came home and couldn't return to school the following year. I was devastated, embarrassed, and shocked to say the least. However,  I knew God was calling me into nursing without a shadow of a doubt but couldn't see for the life of me how it would be accomplished. It was an epic failure on my part and I completely let down my Dad.
That summer I worked my tail off and then my dear sister took me in her place in Northern Virginia where I applied to the Nursing program at the local community college. I worked my tail off as a waitress and went to Nursing school at the same time finally learning the value of a dollar! Next, miracle of miracles I applied for a scholarship through Sibley hospital in Washington D.C and was given 10,000 with a one year working commitment to the hospital, seriously? Yes I promise you that happened, totally a result of prayer. In that same year, I met my husband and got married a year later. 
My greatest failure was turned into one of God's greatest victories. When God plants a dream in your heart, he will bring it to completion, but you must stay the course and not lose hope or faith! 
Your greatest failure and weakness leaves room for his power and strength!


Luz said...

Thank you!This is a very inspiring story that I will share with a very near and dear person :)

Nelly@DGInnovations said...

Our failures can either feature our weaknesses or feature God's strength as he turns these failures into fabulous testimonies that will impact others!
Thanks for sharing!

Skooks said...

I remember that time oh so well, Maria. You are truly blessed, as you know . . . and even with failing those courses your time as an RA was far from being a waste. I was only one of the many people that you befriended and helped that year (and beyond) . . . to this day it has meant so much. I LOVE YOU. :)


Sincerely, Vee said...

That is the third time this week I hear a message about Gods path for our lives.

Anna said...

I smile at this. I smile big.

God is so good.

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