Living in SoCal means essentially no Fall. I'm making up for it in the wardrobe department even if I have to wear a coat with shorts. Desperate measures people. So here we go, my favorites:

Pink coat: I need pink to compensate for all the boys in this house, very justifiable.

Nail polish- Those are the colors of Fall I'm head over heels for....especially the oxblood red and deep darker green, I can't stop with these two.

Faux leather skirt- Leather is still going strong and essentially is one of those classic materials that won't ever go out of style. Case in point, the leather jacket.

Jogger pants- This is a trend I can get behind. I'm either chasing kids at the park or stuck behind my computer editing so sporty jogging pants that can be worn with booties, yes please.

Leopard booties-I'm pretty sure they had me in mind when crafting these, done deal.

Green blouse- Again with that green. Can't. Get. Enough. 

Living Proof Shampoo- The scent on this is out of this world. Ever since I had Boaz, I was gifted with a spidey sense of smell (weirdest thing ever) - a mixed blessing indeed. But for real this scent is unreal and its doing miracles for my thin hair.